Square Enix: Xbox 360 Easier to Work With

Square Enix developer Hiroshi Takai has given a big endorsement to Microsoft's console, stating that it's "a lot easier" to work with than the PS3.

Speaking in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK, the Last Remnant director said he's crossing his fingers that his next project will be on the Xbox 360.

"It's been the team's first time working with Xbox 360 and the Unreal Engine," he said. "In both cases the experience has been a positive one. In fact, as we've only just finished work on Last Remnant I don't even know what my next project is going to be at Square Enix. However, I'm very much hoping it'll be for Xbox 360 as it's been a lot easier to work with than PlayStation 3."

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sonarus4425d ago

Not the first time we are hearing this and won't be the last. Pity last remnant turned out to be such a sh1t game from a technical perspective. If it was easy you would expect them to do better than that...maybe they have low standards

original seed4425d ago

This is typical of News for Sony..err i mean "Gamers"

MURKERR4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

a genre they should excel in....

sonarus4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

did i say anything that was false or fanboyish. Last remnant got blasted in reviews cus technically it couldn't perform up to western standards. So like i said maybe they have low standards. Games like Yakuza 3 and MGS4 are the only impressive games i have seen coming from Japan...maybe star ocean 4

@murkerr not all developers are created equal so we can't expect all games to look as good. Konami games have all been crap except for MGS and sega games have been pretty crappy as well except for Valkyria Chronicles. Yakuza 3 looks freakin amazing though. Yakuza 3 and MGS4 and maybe star ocean 4 are the only Japanese games i can say look amazing

4425d ago
Ninja-Sama4425d ago

I sincerely hope ur next project will be solely on the 360 too. I mean, look how well Last Remnant turned out.

sonarus4425d ago

you realize you are inviting fanboyish statements with a comment like that?

That being said in an interview for Xbox magazine its not really surprising to see praises for the Xbox as i wouldn't be surprised to see praises for PS3 in a playstation magazine.

CloudsEnd4425d ago

Haha, not just corrupt, they are also lazy!

Bathyj4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Thats nothing we didn't already know, and no, I dont think they had to be paid to say it. Its true and everyone knows that.

But here's food for thought, and I'm not pretending everything I say is right, I'm just putting it out there. 2 minute noodles are quick and easy too. And they taste like it. A good soup takes time and effort, and maybe even a bit of love.

I'm a bit of an old fashioned kind of guy. I always thought anything worth doing was worth doing well and was going to be a bit hard. Thats what pushes you to excel. If something is harder, you try harder or you quit. Anything easy, is usually unforfilling or just doesn't satisfy on the same level.

Does this mean they got lazy or complacent having an easy platform and an engine ready for them. I dont know. But if FFXIII turns out better than their previous efforts considering they had to build an engine and all the time and hard work they've put in, we might have our answer.

Then again maybe they never intended LR to be be that good since it was made alot quicker. Maybe it was always supposed to be a stop gap till their real games come out.

Any thoughts?

paul-p19884425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

An M$ cheque did help them say that, as did 'their decision' to port FF13 to the 360 (i say there decision, but the phrase 'money talks' comes to mind...)

Funny thing is though, the PS3 is still the best performing hardcore console in Europe (despite what M$ keep claiming), and Europe is part of the west.........coulda focused on that a bit more.... but then again, Sony didnt throw huge amounts of money at them to make s**t games (the couple of RPG's that Square released on the 360 recently are the ones im pointing at there)

And this wont be the last PS3 game we see 'jumping ship', M$ have already said that in E3 next year they are gonna 'break the bank', meaning buying loads more games from Sony....

TheSadTruth4425d ago

they used the unreal engine

that's why it was sh1t...

jib4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

wow.. seriously. get a grip. a lot of you are acting like he was talking/attacking about your mom lol. he's not even talking crap about playstation, he was just being honest.. just like all the other devs who feels the same way. it was the same for the PS2 as well.

everyone keeps bringing up 'last remnant' like making a game on an "EASIER" system to program for meant automatically making good games. keep in mind he's saying its EASIER, but programming/making a A+ in itself is HARD.

working with a xbox 360 would be something like having a power screwdriver which is easier to work with than a regular screwdriver(PS3 tools) which is a lot more tiring/taxing because it takes a lot more manual labor. using ur analogy, last remnant sucks but only because they only took 2 minutes to make it, regardless of the tools used. they should have taken a little more time on it. still, easier said than done. due to limited funding/deadlines/etc. not everyone is going to and spend that much money putting 3-4 years into a game(..killzone)

sunnygrg4425d ago

Square Enix are just too lazy to hire innovative devs that are keen to work on the PS3.

Nomura: "Let me outta this cage!!!"

Marceles4425d ago

I think we just have to get used to the fact that Square Enix isn't Squaresoft and the staff has totally changed. If Square Enix was around back in the N64/Playstation days, they would've loved all of their projects to be on N64. FF7 wouldn't fit on a cartridge but hey...that makes it easier to develop for! 2 less discs and they don't have to worry about making FMVs, forget about the technology, it's just easier and $$$ in their pockets.

Wolfmoonstrike4425d ago

Bathyj wasn't talking about xbox360 vs ps3 he was talking about Crystal Tools VS Unreal Engine. Home Grown (IE crystal) versus Store Bought (IE unreal)

hay4425d ago

Err, they have Crystal Tools which are "perfectly multiplatform" according to them so development shouldn't be that much easier on xbox360. If they would utilize the tools of course. But if they go with unreal engine and don't work long enough to fix the issues, of course it's easy!

gaffyh4425d ago

@pathetic fanboys - you are a pathetic xbox fanboy yourself. Anyways Lost Odyssey (which is a pretty good RPG) is made by Mistwalker not Square Enix.

What's more worrying to me is that he thinks the Unreal Engine 3 is good, which means his next game will have again more texture pop in and horrible load times.

4425d ago
7h3ultim8p004425d ago

Last remnant had problems because the SE devs were using the Unreal Engine, a western engine which they had no experience in, not because it was on the 360. Quit being a stupid fanboy.

Beast_Master4425d ago

Yes Mad you are right? I mean MS is clearly going to sell 120 million more consoles than Sony, like Sony did last gen to Xbox. The 6 million console lead that 360 has on PS3 is insurmountable. It's all over for sure. Everyone pack it in, it is over now. Stop making GOW3, GT5 and Uncharted 2, and the other 50+ exclusives. MADMIKE HAS SPOKEN!! No more watching movies in crystal clear HD, let's all start paying 50 bucks a year to play our one or two addictive multiplayer games (for me that is COD and R2, this year).

Or maybe MadMike should do a little research before he opens his dumb mouth!

callahan094425d ago

Yeah, how are you gonna talk about how pleasant and easy the experience of making a game for the 360 was when your game didn't even turn out to be technically working? It had framerate issues out the ass, choppiness like crazy, texture pop-in like you wouldn't believe. I wouldn't brag about how easy of a time you had programming a game that had all those issues. When you work out the bugs and make it work like it SHOULD work, then come back and tell us how the experience of making the game went.

PimpHandHappy4425d ago

i bet it is considering its a poor mans PC gaming rig

whats funny is this
these guys have brought out flop after flop and havnt made a game worth talking about that didnt have the name Final Fantasy connected to it

these guys are just like RARE
lazy and worthless

Beast_Master4425d ago

It is always easier to make a game to fit DVD9 than it is to make a quality game that can fit on BR.

The Lazy One4425d ago

I can make a good soup with only 30 minutes of any kind of effort...

Also, Cup noodles/Ramen Noodles/Instant Lunches taste pretty good all things considered. They are better than a lot of campbells soups.

HighDefinition4425d ago

A Vibe is easier to drive then a Lambo.

IdleLeeSiuLung4425d ago

Why are all the Sony fanboys hanging out here for? It is clear that the 360 is easier to develop for and that should cause no harm to the quality of the game. If anything having a technically more capable, but yet more difficult console to develop for can cause quality to go down since staff resources are now spent on overcoming these issues.

Anyone that says anything else is an idiot and should go play with their PS3.

jadenkorri4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

do guys not see a trend here, most 360 games are rushed and developed and mostly are never good and get bad reviews, do you not releaze that more time developing means more quality in a game...please don't get me wrong, im not saying every game..

Above - yes easier to program for, but so far any game square has made for the 360 has flopped out...maybe they should spend the time to develop the game rather than rush it... easier to work with means the programmers as just lazy...PS3 is hard to work, the problems they have are unknown, unless someone here has worked on one then tell what they your arguement is flawed as i will go play my ps3, as i always do..

Danja4425d ago

Honestly just give me FF VS 13 and SE can kiss my support goodbye.

Level 5

No Way4425d ago

Are you sayin that as to because it's on the x360? It doesn't matter what those "mediocre" games were on.. Maybe Square Enix just lost their touch..?

- Ghost of Sparta -4425d ago

Easier to work with? LOL how many games have they developed on the 360? One, and it looks like a PS2 game; The Last Remnant.

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peedie164425d ago

if the 360 is " EASIER" to work with how come their games have had so many technical issues.

Nathan Drake4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Exactly.And to top it off,him and his team failed to get the Unreal engine running perfectly on the 360.

That's like failing to properly apply Jelly to Peanut Butter.

Pizzagaki4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Pizzagaki says, bring on the unreal rpg's, they are HARDCORE.

Sarcasm4425d ago

"failed to get the Unreal engine running perfectly on the 360."

The Unreal engine was designed to work hand and hand with the 360.

So it's more like they couldn't put more peanut butter onto a sandwich that already has peanut butter on it. lol

PS3 Blu-Ray NOT dead4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Actually since Unreal was designed to be perfectly applied to 360 games, it's like they failed to use the Skippy Peanut Butter "Perfect Squeeze Tube" to properly squeeze peanut butter on Wonder Bread

a_cold_soul4425d ago

And a lot of ps3 games & wii games have technical issues. So whats your point other then clearly pointing out your a F*n b*y?

SL1M DADDY4425d ago

You can say what you want but here we have a Sqenix developer saying that it is easier to work with the Xbox 360 and yet their last game "Last Remnant" was plagued with technical issues. It sort of sounds to me like "paid for hype" if you ask me. Anybody else agree with me that this guy was paid to hype a console that they no more about than the PS3? Just a question of truth folks.

prowiew4425d ago

If the 360 has technical issues, expect the ps3 version unplayble.

7h3ultim8p004425d ago

If they made Last Remnant on the PS3, they would have had the same technical issues or even worse since the Unreal Engine is optimized for the 360. It wasn't the console that was the problem. It's because they are using an engine that's primarily designed with western games in mind, most of which are shooters. Get that through your thick heads and shut up.

Geeze PS3 fans are such a sad case.

SL1M DADDY4425d ago

But for those who say that the UE3 does not work well on the PS3 - UTIII says hello. UTIII on the PS3 is blazing fast and works flawlessly. It all depends on the developer and as far as Squenix goes, they are new to the UE3 and it will take time for them to get it working properly. There must be some learning curve to the engine that many devs have trouble with first off.

blackpanther254425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

this why you have only two bubbles if you have been reading people's comments you would see that nobody is blaming the 360 console. People are blaming the Devs for being so lazy that they couldn't efficiently use a engine made for a specific console well enough and still say it's easier to make on/use than another console. Unlike you guys we don't randomly shat on the 360, because most of us have a xbox360. READ POST BEFORE YOU COMMENT.

VampHuntD4425d ago

That was my thought as well. I mean if nothing else it shows how lazy this team was. "Man developing for this platform was easy, I just don't want to do the work to make sure it all runs well".

So either they really don't get it as well as they think they do, or they are lazy. I don't see how it could be much else.

no-spin4425d ago

d* the unreal engine is aged. tired of the same texture over and over and over. guess that is what happens when the console gets max out in three years. Cliffy B said so, and he surely likes the 360.

Homicide4425d ago

That's why the PS3 version of TLR got delayed. The PS3 is more expensive and harder to develop on.

Pain4425d ago

If a retard script kiddy can make a Virus... SE can program a Xbox...not hard...

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Mr_Luke4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Everyone knew this, but:
" I'm very much hoping it'll be for Xbox 360 as it's been a lot easier to work with than PlayStation 3"

This explains a lot the new direction of SE. But if it's so easier, how can they explain that crappy Last Remnant? It means for PS3 it will be a lot worse?
A huge clap to SE, each time it's getting worse, i hope that others will take its place in the "videogames heaven", since i'm sure i won't never see anymore wonderful games like FF VII and others from the past.

Nathan Drake4425d ago

Actually,I think Microsoft might have locked it up for the 360 and GFW for good,so don't be surprised if you hear the game has been canceled for Ps3

0verdrive4425d ago

i doubt that, really. that game did over 100k in japan the first week, which is decent. they arent going to cancel for ps3 because the japan market will eat it up, no matter now bad the game is, and since the install rate in japan is 3:1 theyd be crazy to not realease it on ps3.

Megatron084425d ago

I agree there no way they will cancel LR for the ps3 especially in japan.

Final_Aeon4425d ago

I get this one: he wants another fat cheque from Microsoft to cover exclusive/timed exclusive costs. As long as they let Nomura do his (PS3 exclusive) projects they way he intended them, I don't really care about SE.

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rucky4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

Yeah Last Remnant was definitely a technical masterpiece. I miss the old Squaresoft, the one who used to worked hard to give us the highest quality games out there.

ape0074425d ago

this will cause a war

am out..........