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After years of waiting, Tunic is finally here. Andrew Shouldice has made a masterful blend and hidden it behind a waterfall.

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MadLad317d ago

Glad to see this game getting great scores across the board.
Been waiting for this one for a while.

Teflon02317d ago

Glad they're not destroying the score and saying it's a Zelda clone blah blah. Games need to be given a chance to battle. Glad this game looks great.

Flawlessmic317d ago

Reviews look great, finally a reason to turn on my xbox again this and shredders even though i dont think shredders will end up being that good im keen on a snowboard game.

My back log is so insane right now but 2022 is of to a fricking awesome start so i wont complain

brewin316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Played a couple of hours last night and a little bit this morning before work. So far so good very impressive game! Does not feel like a Zelda clone, It has a certain charm that is all its own but is reminiscent of the older Zelda games. Very happy with how this turned out so far and I've had the music stuck in my head all day! I will say to anyone just starting out, seek out the pages and peruse them very carefully! Also, if it doesn't look like you can go that way you probably can and there's probably cool secrets behind there ✌️