Tencent Acquires Majority Stake in Developer Tequila Works

Today, the Chinese tech company Tencent announced it recently acquired a majority stake in Tequila Works, the Madrid-based studio best known for its work on Rime.

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gamer7804567d ago

Yup, they own too much…. Don’t worry sites like fanbyte and kindafunny will report on how bad this is…. /s

neutralgamer1992567d ago

After typing this comment I realized I went all over the place so once again I do apologize if my comment came across as rude or anything. My fear is when push comes to shove one of these countries with powerful weapons may end up starting WW3. Look at how the media has divided us all by who we support in politics

Why boo? Never understood the hate for Tencent. They are worth close to a trillion dollars. They can buy anyone if they want

It's funny to me how people buy into made in China when everything is made in China. Even went a company signs a deal with another country to mass produce something that country ends up getting it made through china than having their tag put on it and sell it to USA

I was at Sam's and the peeled garlic in the freezer said from China. I just started laughing like we are so damn lazy that we can't even peel our own garlic

Whether we like it or not made in China works because made in USA costs a lot more. Just like IT jobs are being given to Indian, Pakistani Bangladeshi etc because for the same amount $75 dollar an hour the company can hire 4 employees with exchange rate

Stop buying into media BS and do your research. Media and news will always show biased towards something. Just look at this war our media talks about Ukraine putting up a huge fight and Russia is struggling when in reality everything is going according to the plan

Russia said don't join NATO and don't acquire weapons from West but Ukraine thought west and Europe had their back and now their people are dying in droves. And if any country interferes than we are looking at WW3/Nuclear wars possiblity. So was it really worth all these people dying in Russia and Ukraine of the demand was as simple as don't join NATO and don't buying western made weapons

Ukraine joining NATO is basically the world coming at Russian border and bullying but our media don't want to report facts

I feel for Ukraine because being from Pakistan the people of kashmir have been dying while India and Pakistan fight over who should control kashmir. Here is the sad reality Kashmir has been under Indian controlled lockdown for close to 2 years and innocents dying yet no one cares but something happens in a non Muslim country and whole world is united

I am sorry if my comment came across as sensitive, rude or offensive but ground reality is much different than what we are being shown and told through rose tinted glasses. In my opinion fighting now a days won't resolves anything and innocent lives are lost either way.

In 2022 we should all be trying to make sure the planet can survive the climate changes. Just look at the intensity of the natural disasters which are increasing

Deathdeliverer567d ago

The plan was always to invade Ukraine. They wanted to reclaim the Soviet Union areas they lost long ago. If they joined NATO it would have been impossible for that ever to happen again. If they got weapons from others they would have a harder time sweeping Ukraine up, like they have. There are rules to joining NATO, only reason Ukraine wasn’t let in the club. Putin wanted to walk in and take back the area. Yes people die when resisting, but who wouldn’t resist losing their way of life? That’s not a media thing, that’s kinda common sense. Putin wants to reclaim all that lost land and nobody to get in the way.

neutralgamer1992567d ago


Not denying what you said but absolutely disagree about media point. So a life in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Kashmir etc isn't important why is it that all these countries supporting Ukraine can't support those countries? 2 years of lockdown I'm Kashmir, kids being slaughtered, women raped, people drying of hunger and unable yo get medical help but do we get around the clock coverage of that?

There is definitely agenda behind this. Did Israel not take land from people of Palestine and why don't those lives matter. This is a gaming site and I don't want to get into the politics of those things. But like I said before a innocent life is just that regardless of color of your skin or race/religion

Putin/Russia just showing us the humans the double standards of other countries. And Putin can want anything but chances of Russia reclaiming anything is far fetched. People of Ukraine have a right to freedom like everyone else but it seems their freedom is being defended and media coverage is non stop while other countries have been invaded yet we don't see breaking news

Born in Pakistan
Live in USA

I have seen with my own eyes the double standards of other nations. I would hope and pray for unity peace and love because a innocent life is too valuable and we shouldn't be fighting each other

ApocalypseShadow567d ago

Strongly disagree. As a black man in America, I have every right to have problems with what goes on here or there. Outsourcing or whatever. China's leadership would never allow for me to say anything against the leadership or protest. Only, taken away and reprogrammed. If that. Might just disappear. Money given to Tencent eventually goes back to CCP. The media aren't faking surveillance tech over there. Aren't faking what happens there when you speak up. While here, I can speak up at least. I can even say America only uses China as a couple of steps away from slavery with cheap labor and high profits. Freedom to voice one's opinion is great right?

Doesn't mean I don't like China's history, culture, people or food. Yes, we may buy products from there, made from there. Still doesn't mean we can't dislike who's buying and selling something from there. Only minimize our spending habits from there if we believe strongly about it.

Large corporations aren't free of criticism when they buy up everything where no matter what you buy, they own it. I don't like that future of unopposed mega corporations. Companies that large will eventually wield some type of control on the rest of us. Usually not in a good way.

neutralgamer1992567d ago (Edited 567d ago )


I don't think I disagree with anything you said because most of it is common Sense. Every country is different and freedom to share your opinion is a major part of most democratic nations

But as we have seen there is a definite shift in people using freedom of speech to go a step too far. I don't know if it's trump or the pandemic but it seems many people now get annoyed at other people's opinions

Many are trying to divide us but we should see through that but sadly so many people simply believe what they hear and see in the news especially with so much can't believe I am about to say it "fake news"

Oh and I agree 100% I am against corporations eating up smaller companies but it seems many of these smaller companies are happy taking huge payouts and join the large publishers. On to gaming I believe what Ms started will end up leaving us very few independent options

Sony will most likely buy many of the Japanese publishers over the next few years while Ms will most probably target ubi, WB games etc

We will be left with EA, take two Tencent etc basically the greedy publishers who want to sell casino type games

Anyway brother take care good night

rlow1567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

Why I understand where your coming from. TenCent is a puppet company of the Chinese government. The very same government that are putting whole populations into internment camps and kill thousands of it own citizens every year.

Ukraine is a sovereign nation, they have the right to decide which path their country will take. Yes Puuty is worried about NATOs encroachment. But imagine if he wasn’t in power and Russia was more democratic. We wouldn’t be having this conversation. Meaning, it’s all about him.

Lastly, your right about the west not caring about what happens in Kashmir. Ultimately countries have self interest and sadly it doesn’t align with that agenda. If only we could heal the world.

Your not wrong about the fallacy of news and it’s own agendas. But it’s not all lies. Plus whenever humans are involved it’s always gonna get messy. Hence Democracy’s, they can get messy but well worth the effort.

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Blank568d ago

Wowwww… damn, Shinji Mikami will leave it soon! Tencent will stifle him. Talk about a giant fuck up! Unless he planned to cash in and start something else. That creative mind (ass) is privately owned again!

darthv72567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

You are thinking of Tango Game Works. Which is now part of MS. This is about Tequila Works.

WasherDryerCombo567d ago

You’re thinking of Tango Gameworks who’s currently making the PS5 exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo. Tango is now owned by Microsoft as part of the Bethesda acquisition.

Tequila Works is known for the games: Deadlight, The Sexy Brutale, Rime, The Invisible Hours and Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son.

Their games are good but the last few games probably sold under expectations due to them being on more niche platforms (Stadia, VR) and they probably needed to be acquired to make another game or close up shop.

MadLad567d ago

They didn't really have any say in their acquisition.
They were owned by Bethesda so when Bethesda was bought, they were.

Bethesda could have shuttered them at any moment prior to the acquisition, unless Tango was specifically in the contract had.

ApocalypseShadow567d ago


Guess Deadlight is my last game from them. If I buy the Invisible Hours VR, that means they'll be getting money. Noooooooo!

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Knightofelemia567d ago

Damn Tencent is swimming around like a hungry shark.

DefaultComment567d ago

How can you say that when Sony and Microsoft have bought publishers for billions of dollars and for some reason nobody makes a fuss but tencent buys a gaming studio and all the sudden "god have mercy on our souls" tragedy. See how much of biased and bigot you are just by commentig this?

Knightofelemia566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

Where in my comment is classified as being a bigot is it because Tencent is owned by Chinese? I don't see where I made fun of the Chinese?

DefaultComment566d ago

Then why antagonizing it ? "Hungry shark" really?