The Greatest Painting of Mario Ever

Slashgamer Writes: "Orioto has created what I think could be the greatest picture I've ever seen that was made from someone outside the gaming industry. The painting is a "re-imagining of what the Mario world is like. And it's more beautiful than anything I would have thought up.

Ladies and Gentlemen; I'm calling this the Mona Lisa of video game art! I would love to own a print of this and hang it up on my wall."

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TheIneffableBob3749d ago

Cool, but far from greatest.

ChickeyCantor3749d ago

/I would love to see a MArio game with such art style =0...
Just like they did with SMW2:Yoshi's Island, O and the music of course lets not forget good music.

to bad we will never see such artstyle. =(...or will we?

Final_Rpg3749d ago

Looks awesome, I haven't seen that many game artworks that good.

d2dahoopa3749d ago

That is actually an amazing piece of art

kesvalk3749d ago

a sidescroller 2.5D mario game with this art style would kill anyother game on the generation this got released...

i would love to see this game becoming reality...

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