Super Mario RPG update out now (version 1.0.1), patch notes

Super Mario RPG version 1.0.1 update released for the Nintendo Switch remake and Nintendo published the patch notes.

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anast188d ago

The game was made by geniuses, remember that.


Super Mario RPG: best equipment for every character

NE: "Super Mario RPG on Switch is now available, and we've gathered a list of the best equipment pieces for all five characters."

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Super Mario RPG (Remake) Walkthrough

Super Mario RPG has been brought to the Switch! Our Super Mario RPG Walkthrough will guide through every corner of this faithful remake.

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Super Mario RPG ROM leaks online

The Super Mario RPG ROM has leaked online before launch and fans may want to watch out for possible spoilers.

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SockeyBoy220d ago

Yep got it yesterday and have it ready to go on my switch. Will give it a go today.

SockeyBoy220d ago

Thank you kind sir (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)

PS. I'm playing it now. Giant sword went through Bowser's castle and broke the bridge. I'm having fun

Profchaos220d ago

Please don't pirate without purchasing it we've waited decades to see this game come back and it's success could lead to a proper sequel that isn't paper mario

jjb1981220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Unfortunately, these scrubs really feel like they have to stick it to Nintendo because Nintendo treated them so bad like if the President bullied them in high school. Now they claim it doesn't hurt Nintendo devs and doesn't harm anyone due to their own foolish criminal activities.

"Free games! Nobody can stop me!" - Anti Nintendo keyboard warrior

Profchaos220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

The entitlement blows my mind

People want the game but feel they shouldn't have to pay for it because either:
A) Nintendo will make money without their purchase
B) the switch is underpowered so as a result they shouldn't have to pay money for the game they want

But truth is there is no excuse for piracy it does hurt studios we know this.
The mental gymnastics just hurts my head to read it's rediculas the switch being underpowered and easily emulated really goes to show people's true colours as in who would willingly pirate a game and I'm not talking about downloading a rom for the nes no one is worried about that it's a modern system and active studio trying to sell a current product they are stealing

There's also zero garuntee this will sell well because we have to remember it's a rpg after all not a standard Mario game as a result it will only appeal to a fraction of fans. Nintendo does look at sales figures and they won't greenlit a sequel to a miss like why would they want to greenlight a devils fourth when no one brought devils third.

Snookies12220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Agreed, after decades we finally have a chance to see a sequel if this does well enough. Anyone pirating this game doesn't deserve to play it. If you want it running better than on the actual hardware, that's fine. Buy it first to support it. Then go grab the rom and run it on PC. I'm all for playing older games emulated. Just don't go grabbing roms on new releases unless you actually support the devs first.

Agent75219d ago

Maybe for $20, but full price, no, no.

Profchaos219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Well then wait for a sale of you don't think the game holds value

DarkkMinion218d ago

Keep waiting for that one Ignoramus. Lowest price for Nintendo games is usually $39.99. cut the grass and cleanup the basement so you can get them extra 20 from mommy.

Spenok219d ago

It's Nintendo. It WILL sell enough. 100%. End of story.

While I personally hate the practice of pirating as well, and will not myself. This will in no way hurt their sales.

Just look at how well everything else they have been releasing has been selling, and rest assured.

Profchaos219d ago

Just because totk and Mario wonder sell huge numbers doesn't mean rpg will it's extremely niche even was back in the 90s

FinalFantasyFanatic219d ago

Back when we didn't have this remake, I didn't care if people pirated the old/original version, now that this exists, I would rather people buy this so that Nintendo knows we like this kind of game.

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PRIMORDUS220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Have it as well. Nintendo can force sites to stop hosting roms but when it comes to torrents or even usenet they can't do shit and I love it. But this will in no way hurt them at all, it will go on to sell probably millions. Nintendo as usual is worried over nothing time and time again. In spite of all of this I will still preorder it for my OLED Switch because I want the game and a physical copy + preorder bonus. So you see, yes I have it but will still buy it.

FullmetalRoyale220d ago

Taking the morale highground against the people you are so thrilled to rob? Momma must be proud.

Gamingsince1981220d ago

I would pirate it too if I liked Nintendo games enough to play but i have no interest in nintendo games at all, the reason im in this article is because I like seeing nintendo get pirated and nothing more. Nintendo gets what it gets.

jjb1981220d ago

That's the scrub mentality. Your me-ma needs to give you a hug.

Profchaos220d ago

If you legit brought the game there's an argument for emulation getting better fidelity frame rate etc that's fine but why be happy about piracy in general we've seen it hurt gaming many times in the past
It put the final nail in Segas Dreamcast coffin and crysis was dumbed down to work on consoles with crysis 2 because PC piracy was so bad

NotoriousWhiz220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

And here I thought the overview trailer already spoiled most of the game. Were there any bosses it didn't show?

gold_drake220d ago

omg right?
i played the og so i already knew but damn was it spoilery ha