Need For Speed Carbon details

Details on Need For Speed Carbon have been monoxidously thin since its name first appeared at E3 last month, but a few scans have popped up from US and UK magazines this week offering more of an outline.

NFS Carbon - apparently so called due of its relationship with "Carbon Canyon" in California, where racers often meet up to drive around very fast and probably "race for pinks" and the like - is due out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PS2, Xbox and PSP this winter.

Those of you wondering whether it shares more in common with the ludicrously popular Need For Speed Underground games or the recent Most Wanted digression will probably find elements of both, by the sound of it, with lots of cop chases but also a definite sense of building up a "crew".

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dfb19776188d ago (Edited 6188d ago )

advertised on a few drift cars here in the UK. Hope it improves on Most Wanted. OK game but playing it made me feel like something was missing. I think they can put in a whole lot more.

Gamer136188d ago

NFS Most Wanted was pretty good on the 360. Can,t wait to see how this 1 looks and plays.

PS360PCROCKS6188d ago

A classic racing franchise, Need for speed hot pursuit is my favorite, just running from the cops...but this should be good