Need For Speed Carbon details

Details on Need For Speed Carbon have been monoxidously thin since its name first appeared at E3 last month, but a few scans have popped up from US and UK magazines this week offering more of an outline.

NFS Carbon - apparently so called due of its relationship with "Carbon Canyon" in California, where racers often meet up to drive around very fast and probably "race for pinks" and the like - is due out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PS2, Xbox and PSP this winter.

Those of you wondering whether it shares more in common with the ludicrously popular Need For Speed Underground games or the recent Most Wanted digression will probably find elements of both, by the sound of it, with lots of cop chases but also a definite sense of building up a "crew".

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dfb19776599d ago (Edited 6599d ago )

advertised on a few drift cars here in the UK. Hope it improves on Most Wanted. OK game but playing it made me feel like something was missing. I think they can put in a whole lot more.

Gamer136599d ago

NFS Most Wanted was pretty good on the 360. Can,t wait to see how this 1 looks and plays.

PS360PCROCKS6599d ago

A classic racing franchise, Need for speed hot pursuit is my favorite, just running from the cops...but this should be good


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18 classic PC games you still can't get digitally

PCGamer : One of the great strengths of PC gaming is a back catalogue that spans decades. Companies like Nintendo emulate older games on their modern consoles, but that can't compare to the thousands and thousands of games you can track down from the history of the PC. But not every banger that's ever dropped on DOS or Windows is so easy to find. Some of the all-time greats still aren't available digitally even now, and your only legal way to play them is to hunt for a boxed copy on Ebay and hope it plays well with modern Windows.

Ryushaa941d ago

Like the article said, No One Lives Forever has no known owner. This mean you can't buy it, but you can (for now) download it for free without repercussions. Just go to nolfrevival(dot)tk to get the whole series for free. Lol

FreeckyCake940d ago

I would add Prey (2006). Can't get it for PC to this day.

lonewolf10940d ago

Rumor on the street is it's coming to the Epic store, maybe the free mystery game today (which will be revealed in little over an hour)?

lonewolf10940d ago

@Raiden ooo not sure I may be getting confused on the versions, sorry.

Eamon940d ago

Underrated game. Level Design was groundbreaking.

940d ago
Fntastic940d ago

Black & White was decent, back then my most played would be Worms 2 for the online multiplayer tho.

NOLF i didn't really get into.. I was busy enjoying Soldier of Fortune 2 online multiplayer in 2002 until the next big thing came in 2004: Half Life 2 and then the free online DM mode which came slightly after.

frostypants939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

I have a copy of Black & White lying around somewhere. Haven't played it in 15 years. Wonder if it's worth anything. Interesting Populous or something, but I could terrorize the people with my 300ft demon cow. It never quite got the balance between people management and creature training right though. Always felt disjointed.

maelstromb939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

You missed out if you never played the NOLF games... they were fantastic and hilarious, and still to this day, not a game has come close to replicating the magic of those games. I've read many articles over the years about how Night Dive Studios has tried desperately to corral the rights on multiple occasions, but alas... the source code is seemingly missing/gone and no one truly knows who owns it. Unbelievable, really... So, if we ever hope to see the NOLF games live on, someone would have to build it from scratch. :/

I did love me some Soldier of Fortune 1 & 2, as well... they were janky at times, but so much fun.

mastershredder940d ago

Takes a bunch of random games that were not available digitally and complains or makes a obvious point? that you cant get them anymore. Yeah, the gen x game list probably will do that.

And then there us the matter most of these can still be obtained (digitally) even some legally for free. Was this just a random thought? Oh gee I miss these games (or maybe I heard of), let me me pull something out of my butt for an article.

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