Steam Deck just launched but Valve is already thinking about a Steam Deck 2

Valve’s handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck, just launched last weekend, but the company already has its eyes on the next iteration of the device. The company’s president, Gabe Newell, thinks the device will be a “permanent addition” to PC gaming.

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Fntastic339d ago

Would've been better if they designed it to be upgradable, guess that would give them less sales on new models though. Meh.. Just gonna save my money for a new high end GPU coming in 5/6 months instead.

coldfire984337d ago

lol and how do you purpose they do that? You know how small and tightly engineered these are right? Laptops are barely upgradeable and are more than double the size. What would the average consumer be able to upgrade on these? Soldering would be required.

SirBruce339d ago

I dream of two new models for next year:
- One with better autonomy, lighter and cheaper (a revision, nothing more).
- One with better CPU/GPU specs and FullHD 120Hz screen.