Valve Acknowledges Stick Drift Issues with Steam Deck

Following multiple reports of stick drift on the recently launched Steam Deck, Valve say a firmware update will resolve "deadzone regression". All eyes on r/SteamDeck to see if it "sticks".

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Neonridr570d ago

apparently it was a deadzone bug attributed to a previous firmware. They put out a fix and people on the Steam Deck reddit page have already confirmed it fixed it.

jznrpg570d ago

They haven’t been out long so it’s hard to say there isn’t other reasons for stick drift like every other controller out there .

Neonridr570d ago

it wasn't stick drift in the traditional sense. It was just a calibration error that creeped in. Whether or not there will be real accounts of drift down the road, who knows. Personally I've never had a traditional controller experience it and my Valve Index controllers never had that problem, nor have my 2 launch sets of joy cons. I guess I'm lucky.

Vits570d ago

Stick drift will happen no matter what. That is just the nature of this kind of piece. But this was really just an issue with the firmware.

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Servbot41569d ago

Every console should have deadzone settings built into the system's user settings.

Outlawzz570d ago

Hopefully this isn't a Nintendo stick drift issue. That's the motherload of stick drift. Just like Xbox 360 rrod lol

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Sgt_Slaughter570d ago

The Joy-Cons drifting (which can literally be fixed by a simple piece of cardboard, not sure how that hasn't been addressed in the building of the controllers) has definitely masked the bigger issue, Xbox One and DualShock 4 controllers also had a ton of drifting issues but they never made the news like the Switch did. Both my DS4s and Xbox One controllers have drifting and stick issues.

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Hofstaderman570d ago (Edited 570d ago )

I hope this is not an issue. Its not like you can easily buy controllers like you can for the switch. I agree its too early to tell if its an actual issue. I have two sets of joy cons with stick drift and its really irritating when playing KOTOR. Gonna invest in a pro controller soon

569d ago
Knightofelemia569d ago

At least Valve knows its there Nintendo knows its there also but they tend to sweep their joycon drift under the carpet and pretend everything is all right. I only had three XB1 controllers with joystick drift I just parted them out and I had one Switch Pro controller with joystick drift I just traded it into EB Games. So far my Dualshock 4 and PS5 controllers show no signs of joystick drift "knock on wood".

Neonridr569d ago

these aren't the same things.

Knightofelemia569d ago

Really if they are not the same things. Then how does one define joystick drift then? This was a patch for now but every stick no matter what controller will get or has had joystick drift.

Neonridr569d ago

@Knighofelemia - this was a software bug. The drift we experience on controllers like the joycons is a hardware fault.

I'm not saying that joystick drift might not happen down the road, but in these specific instances it was simply a bug that was corrected with a firmware fix.

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Valve: don’t expect a faster Steam Deck ‘in the next couple of years’

Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais hints it might be 2025, even 2026 before a Deck 2.

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GoodGuy091d 9h ago

Maybe an OLED or smaller model soon. But this is good, that way they can just keep supporting one hardware for a long time with software updates etc.

Vits1d 5h ago

I don't think it would make much sense to even create a new one at this point. Yes, there were improvements in the tech and you can get better performance. But that also comes at the cost of more power and therefore less battery life. What they could do is variations of the current device, but even that is sort of a stretch. Sort of a better display, there is very little that they can change without major sacrifices.

blackblades14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Yeah, wait a few more years closer to the next gen of consoles or ps5 pro but preferable next gen. Then they can add the improvements. Add a docking mode like switch so better performance while playing on tv, add a accessory pack for a strong power bank for extra battery life. They'll have time to be able to create and design mark cenery style and come up with something. Going by how things are these days steam deck will be the 2nd or 3rd system to have its a must have.

Tody_ZA4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

The battery life issue can be addressed with a super charging solution like some high end phones or the Asus or Lenovo Legion Go have without needing to massively add to the cost with more power, for the reasons you mentioned.

It's not the end of the world if you have to charge after 4 hours if it takes 30 minutes to charge.

So perhaps an upgraded deck with a faster charging solution or better display, or smaller form factor. There's plenty of room to release a new model without actually being a new machine or one that splits the user base.

Almost like what the Gameboy SP did for Gameboy Advanced. Or the PS Slim models.

Vits3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Fast Charging adds a lot of cost; you need a much more expensive controller to guarantee power delivery. You also expend much more on the power brick itself, the cable and you add a lot of heat that has to be taken out of the device somehow. Plus you don't really fix the issue, the low battery life itself is still there.

Better display is something that I believe everyone agrees could be accomplished with little compromise. It would add something to the cost, but it's possible to offer something that is better than the current model.

The smaller form factor is something that I see many people asking. And I also assume that those people never used one of the smaller form factor handheld PCs. Otherwise, they would know how compromised the experience is, between the smaller display, the lack of touchpads, pitiful battery life, heat and the bad ergonomics. The SD is the size it is for a reason.


TOKYO INDIE GAMES SUMMIT 2024 is kicking-off on March 2nd next year (2024)

"TOKYO INDIE GAMES SUMMIT, the digital and in-person Japanese event showcasing developers and indie games from both local talent and around the world, returns to Kichijōji for its second annual iteration on Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3, 2024." - Phoenixx.


New Microsoft/Activision deal addresses previous CMA concerns in cloud gaming

The sale of Activision’s cloud gaming rights to Ubisoft substantially addresses previous concerns and opens the door to the deal being cleared, the CMA said today.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 13h ago

A step 🚶‍♂️ in the direction.

1Victor1d 11h ago

Phil note to self “buy Ubisoft “

crazyCoconuts1d 9h ago

exactly what i was thinking when i read this lol