Gabe Newell isn't losing sleep over Microsoft and Sony's big acquisition sprees

Valve's president predicts some of the current games industry consolidation will be "unwound" within a few years.

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blacktiger329d ago

Respectful customer service

roadkillers329d ago

Probably true, I can’t think of an long term acquisition that didn’t move away. Microsoft buying Rare was the most famous and the team members went back to Nintendo.

They can buy the IPs but will the talent stay?

0hMyGandhi329d ago

Unless you're acquired by EA, which means you'll probably be forced at proverbial gunpoint to milk once-beloved franchises until you reach your breaking point until you are drained dry, wherein EA will kick your lifeless husk off a cliff, shrug its shoulders, and go home.

neomahi329d ago

Why should he be? Hes the middle man that sees everything anyway, including first-party Microsoft and Sony games. Halo is available on Steam and so is Horizon, so hes got nothing to worry about, hes PCs biggest gaming service, nothing changes for him except he now has first-party games from the competition on his platform. He loses nothing.

TheColbertinator329d ago

I haven't required Sony or Microsoft gaming studios to enjoy Steam all these years. They barely register as a blip in my PC gaming needs.

Lionsguard329d ago

I wouldn't lose any sleep either if my bed was made from stacks of Benjis.

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