Elden Ring Levelling Guide: Runes And Levelling Up Explained

GameByte writes: "Collecting runes and levelling in Elden Ring can be tricky. If you're stuck on how you want to build your character, here are some tips!"

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Flawlessmic571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

This is the spot i used for a while, the best spot is in caelid where these small enemies give u basically a 1000 runes each and there is heaps of them in a small vicinity.

U can rack up easy 18k runes in like 5 mins or less.

The enemies will one shot u though so make sure ur dealing high enough damage before going there.

Edit. My mage build could be the reason for the one shot so probs would have more leeway with other builds


Elden Ring Weapons and their Real-life Counterparts

Elden Ring weapons are based on or inspired by real-life counterparts. These are some of the best medieval weapons in gaming.

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PC Games That Are Better With A Controller

Here are some great PC games that are even better with a controller. In fact, one can say that they're meant to be played with a controller.

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shinoff218324d ago

That's why I don't mess with PC gaming for the most part. When I game I'm relaxing. Hard to do that with a keyboard and mouse. That's just my thought on it.

I'm still hoping bethesada adds real controller support to the og fallout or re release them on xbox like what was done with wasteland 1

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Shiore2u23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

What exactly is so hard about using a keyboard and mouse compared to a controller when subjectively relaxing? Do you game upside down on a crossbar?

Daeloki22d ago

At least in my opinion, with a controller I can lay back comfortably in my couch however I want. Keyboard + mouse would require a table and chair, and requires investing in ergonomics not to completely mess up my back (not saying the couch is good for my back either but achieving comfortability is easier). Again, emphasizing that I'm speaking out of opinion, and I agree with you that concepts of relaxing and which is better are both very subjective matters. All in all I don't think it's a particularly good article since it really boils down to personal preference.

ApocalypseShadow24d ago

Next up:

Article on "Controllers that are best played with a game."/S

HellspawnPR198123d ago

Anything that is not a shooter or doesn't have a crosshair.

Minute Man 72116d ago (Edited 16d ago )

My old ass Xbox 360 Rock Candy controller still works fine today "For the Players"


Soulframe is Elden Ring meets Ghost of Tsushima, but with 'Disney princesses'

During the Warframe-themed festivities of TennoCon 2023, we spoke to Digital Extremes about Soulframe, the developer’s upcoming Elden Ring-style MMORPG.

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Soulsborne25d ago

Or its just a fantasy take on warframe....? Not every open world fantasy game is an ER game ffs.

CrimsonWing6925d ago

But the developer literally said it’s Elden Ring inspired 🤷‍♂️

poppatron24d ago

I agree completely, it genuinely looks the nothing more than a fantasy war frame, really doesn’t matter if digital extremes want it to likened to one of the most popular games in recent history, certainly looks good in the title of an article such as this.

PunksOnN4G25d ago

Nah the Gameplay loooks boring as hell even some of the warframe fans said this looks trash and tbh this just looks liek a budget elden ring looking type game. Gameplay was rough as hell.

bababooiy25d ago

I kinda agree, it looks very budget. Much of the presentation just comes across as soulless. Even seeing the npcs be these faceless creatures doesnt really help.

PunksOnN4G25d ago

Asmongold a huge soul fan already said hes not playing it based off that gameplay he called it soulless and bost the attacks were not even hitting ut would hit u cuz that how bad the hitboxes were LOL

fsfsxii24d ago

Its also going to be riddled with MTX lmao no thanks