EA’s CEO tells staff it’s been ‘impeded’ by the FIFA brand: ‘It’s four letters on a box’

From VGC: "Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has given employees a frank appraisal of why he believes the company could be better off ending its 30-year relationship with FIFA.

In his most revealing comments yet on the status of licence negotiations with the footballing body, Wilson told staff in an internal company meeting in November that the FIFA license had been “an impediment” to EA’s ambitions for the game series."

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-Foxtrot349d ago

Are they kidding? It's 4 letters but it spells out a word that's a massive brand today.

You know how many casual sport fan gamers buy this every year because of the world Fifa in the title, I mean it won't kill sales but I doubt it'll get as much recognition as it used to. It was one of (the many) reasons why it had an edge over PES.

curtain_swoosh349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

i mean, sure.
but the licence holders of Fifa want billions of dollars for licencing at this point.

they're also quite limited in what they can actually do with the games it seems.

who knows whether its actually worth it or not for EA.

EvertonFC348d ago

Limited ? You mean make a authentic sports game wether that be football, soccer, etc.
FIFA probably asked them to put VAR features in the next one which meant EA would actually have to do some work so they ran a mile.

RosweeSon348d ago

The only limitations are on 99% of the other developers who cannot compete with Fifa who have the players licenses and all the leagues so everyone else has to get around that like pro evo or just go down a completely different route (red card soccer etc) the only limitations are down to EA’s lack of originality they make changes for changes sake. Utter cash cow stopped buying it years ago should have been free to years now just charge for an update each year that’s basically what they release anyway, new number on the end new soundtrack and same old same old

Seraphim348d ago

I get being frustrated by being limited in what you can do but how many hundreds of millions come from both game sales and coin purchases so players can buy the name on those cards and packs each fiscal year. At some point, due to greed by either FIFA or EA there will possibly be a breaking point. But to come out and say this? Seems like he's a bit out of touch with just how the FIFA Brand provides EA. 2 cents

XbladeTeddy348d ago

"You know how many casual sport fan gamers buy this every year because of the world Fifa in the title, I mean it won't kill sales"

You say people buy it because it has FIFA in the title, but then you say not having FIFA in the titles won't kill sales. Not sure where the statements going there.

Fact is FIFA on the box or not EA make the best game about football. They can call it EA football if they want, people will still buy it as the core game is solid. It has the edge over PES as it's simply the more solid product.

S2Killinit348d ago

FIFA and UEFA are one hell of a corrupt organization though.

RosweeSon348d ago

UEFA still deciding on the champions league I dunno what rock they living under but it’s not even a decision. All about 💰 tho.

RosweeSon348d ago

It spells out a 4 letter word that goes hand in hand with a lot of the higher ups at EA. It’s similar to CarroT and CurrenT ends and begins with the same letters anyway 😑🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤣 fans deserve better than their yearly churned tat

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porkChop349d ago

They can't add any new modes or brands because FIFA won't allow it. They can't even add gameplay features and such without getting FIFA's approval first. I know it's EA, but it does genuinely seem like they've wanted to do more but FIFA blocks them at every step. On top of that, FIFA's demanding $2.5B over the next 10 years. That's $250M per year. That's not worth it, especially when FIFA actively hinders the end product.

To be completely honest though this doesn't surprise me. FIFA are known for being corrupt scumbags. They've had so many scandals.

SenorFartCushion348d ago

EA sports football would go down well.

It doesn’t have to be FIFA.

Not hard to Imagine it being a mobile game on consoles though

RosweeSon348d ago

The licenses are what 90% of people are buying into been that way for years pro evo were making major changes and better games for years previously didnt matter tho as Manchester blue doesn’t sell copies of a gsme when you can Chuck all the official leagues and players in your game. Fifa getting too big for their boots hope they give it up they’ll soon regret it when the sales drop off a cliff

EvertonFC348d ago

What so FIFA say no to having proper leagues ? That's on EA imo.

Urrakia34348d ago

I guess FIFA must also be impeding EA from innovating Madden because that franchise hasn't changed in almost a damn decade.

A quick Google search on how much EA has profited from their combined Ultimate Team modes and you will see that $2.5B (if accurate) over 10 years is chump change to them in the long term.

Maybe, just maybe, this is EA doing damage control by essentially saying they don't need FIFA and that, if anything, they were a detriment to their goals.

rippermcrip348d ago

EA hasn't shown innovation in any of their sports franchises in many years, so I find it hard to believe FIFA people are holding back game innovation.

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shaenoide349d ago

What is Apple... Just 5 letters on a box... And a fruit

plmkoh349d ago

I think Andrew Wilson should remember that he's only the CEO today because he created one the most abusive system possible on FIFA fans.

This is literally a grifter complaining about the Italian Mafia.

348d ago
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