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IGN writes: Elden Ring is a massive iteration on what FromSoftware began with the Souls series, bringing its relentlessly challenging combat to an incredible open world that gives us the freedom to choose our own path.

Eonjay645d ago

I would like to try to get into the Souls games.

BigBosss645d ago

Oh man, you definitely should. Amazing games! Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3, Bloodborne and Sekiro are amazing games.

LordoftheCritics645d ago

Reviewer mentions Zelda.....

Popcorn: 'whimpers'

Well done FS.

TiredGamer645d ago

Can't agree more. Ever since getting into Bloodborne, I've been sucked into every Souls game like no other game has managed. I've tried to convince others of their greatness, but most non-players are extremely resistant. For shame...

UnSelf645d ago

Sekiro is the best one. The rest are just spam the dodge button. After mastering Sekiro I can’t play anymore souls games

wiz7191645d ago

I have to get back into Sekiro , patience is very key and at times I don’t be having it lol

AKS645d ago

Nothing quite like the first experience with an enemy like the red-eyes knight you've agitated and realize one hit takes off 90% of your health and you really screwed up. LOL. Have to learn through practice and experience to get the timings and techniques down. Learning the fundamentals is essential. Button mashing won't cut it in these games, but dying almost always feels like it was fair and your mistake for messing up on your timing or going a bit too far before cashing in your souls. This feeling of fairness tends to be unique to games that are designed specifically to challenge you rather than just artificially mess with the numbers to inflate the difficulty by giving the enemies more health and more damage, which almost always tends to result in feeling like you were killed cheaply and there was little you could do to prevent it.

UnSelf645d ago

Sekiro requires the least amount of patience if you ask me.

There’s no stupid Action bar that depletes with simple actions like sprinting and dodging.

Sekiro rewards you enormously for mastering combat and you can fly through the game much like a fighting game would reward you for the time you spend learning the techniques.

This is Unlike 99% of souls games that rewards you for exploiting IFs. I wanna get Elden but that Action bar is the worse thing to happen to video games in a long time.

UltraNova645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

From soft games are the only games I get sucked into so much so I keep thinking about them when I'm not playing - at work, at the gym, while out with friends, when I go to bed. The only games I plan my weekly schedule to find as much time as possible to play. It's truly remarkable for a guy at my age and busy life.

ravens52644d ago

I beat sekiro and bloodborne both the first from software games I beat. I have demon souls for ps5 and I haven't beaten it yet I kinda enjoy the more fast pace fighting in the former 2 but ye, great games. I will beat demon souls eventually. I also bought ds3 on ps4 but never beat it. I'm definitely going to pick this up tomorrow tho...even tho I'm playing horizon

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frostypants645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

Souls games are all about "embracing the suck"...you're gonna die, and it will be your fault. They almost encourage you to press too hard, be it an area you just discovered and want to take a peak at, or a tantalizing treasure box behind a mysterious enemy, etc. Appreciate that...learn to blame yourself and appreciate the level design...and they are amazing.

Abear21645d ago

So true about the design, the exploration in these games is incredible and it’s hard to resist pressing on to see the next thing. I wasted 20 plus hours on Bloodborne and just built a shit character so I have to start over. No shame in researching or a guide to start off on the right foot for newcomers unless you’re planning on sinking a hundred hours.

rdgneoz3645d ago

Less about sucking, and more about how fast you learn / how many times you're willing to endure getting spanked till you learn the mechanics and such. Certain mobs have certain tricks that will punish you for being too greedy, so patience is a virtue.

That said, can't wait to play it. Looks beautiful and challenging.

gamer7804645d ago

They really are a love it or hate it type of game so you’ll know if you try one.

Viljong645d ago

Most people are busy with families, work, different hobbies and want rather quick dopamin releasing experience and when they get owned in souls game thats not the relaxing experience.

gamer7804644d ago

@viljojg exactly 12 years ago I might be into them but with family and stuff gaming is a time to relax and escape the stresses and busyness of everyday life.

neutralgamer1992645d ago

Nothing surprising this game was going to be great from the moment it was announced. But maybe it's just me I don't feel like a lot of games should get 10 out of 10. No I am not talking about this game I am just talking in general way too many Blockbuster games get 10 out of 10

That score used to mean something back in the day because only a handful of games had ever received 10 out of 10 but nowadays on yearly basis we have double digit games getting 10 out of 10

Brazz645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

Now is the best possible time, a New world, New lore, New game... Come and praise the Sun Brother, let's enjoy jolly cooperation!

Rebel_Scum645d ago

Try Nioh. The animations and movement is a bit faster than the souls games. You can grind to level up if you get real stuck as well.

0hMyGandhi645d ago

BloodBorne was my gateway drug into From Software's games and was perhaps one of the most infuriating, most exhilarating, most incredible games I've ever played.
The most important takeaway with a FS game is that they are brutal but fair. The same way a twitch shooter like Unreal or Quake has impeccable mechanics and wonderfully responsive controls, A FS game just doesn't give you the opportunity to fault *it* for your untimely death. You learn, adapt, and win, and that vicious cycle is what playing games is all about.

kayoss645d ago

is elden ring like the Souls games? For some reason, i assumed that it was a MMO kind of game.

Sirk7x645d ago

You can basically consider it open-world Dark Souls.

gold_drake645d ago

me too haha.
but the infamous difficulty is what makes me hesitant.

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alb1899645d ago (Edited 645d ago )

The ones saying that it won't be that good...LOL!!

Old McGroin645d ago

I haven't been this excited for a game in a very long time.

shepherdzeMan645d ago

people were saying it would be scored around 80,
i mean this is rockstar games level game ratings , 97 metacritic aint a joke

Class_Viceroy645d ago

Huh? Every game they've released has been between like an 87 and 92. Who said it was going to be scored around 80?

Where do you people come up with these fake underdog stories for Elden Ring.

Class_Viceroy645d ago

literally nobody said this game wouldn't be good. Even people that don't like Souls-likes understood this would be a well received game.

No idea why you're even posting that besides for attention

senorfartcushion645d ago

I can’t wait to play the game, but a single review is not a measure of quality. Quality is down to the player. No one can tell you to like or dislike anything.

Think for yourself.