Doom Shinobi is a Mod That Turns Doom Into a Ninja Gaiden Style 3rd Person Hack 'N Slash Ninja Game

Doom Shinobi is an awesome Doom mod where you slice ‘n dice rather than rip ‘n tear!

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autobotdan467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

I want this!!! This looks too fun

ChooChooChaz467d ago

It's pretty wild. You can wall-run, dash, throw shuriken, dodge, block and each sword has its own attacks, combos and selection of special moves!

autobotdan467d ago

How sad/terrible the fans are doing more newer Ninja Gaiden content than Tecmo is post 2022

DarXyde467d ago

I always feel it's important to mention:

Do you trust them to make it? They've done great with Ni-Oh, but it's quite different from something like Ninja Gaiden.

Honestly, I think we'd be disappointed if they made another, especially after Ninja Garden III.

autobotdan467d ago

NG3 Ancient Ship of Doom was a good game...joking haha

SimpleSlave467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

A lot of cool ideas for sure. But a few things are not working. Making the main character in 3D while keeping the rest in 2D makes this look like a mess. I think the main character should be done with sprites. This will make it look much more cohesive. Also developing the rest of the assets to fit with the main character will go a long way for sure.

Then there's that camera. Nope. Pass. Sorry, but that thing had me reaching for a paper bag.

Still, there is a lot of potential here. Hopefully they're able to fully develop this idea into a game of its own. I can see this turning into a Hedon or the Sonic game style of project.

We'll see I guess. Good luck. 👍

ChooChooChaz467d ago

It's still in development so there's a lot the dev still plans to add - including custom enemies and bosses (who will probably be 3D). Also, the camera distance and position is fully adjustable, so it's likely you'd find a nausea-free position. :)