IGN GRAW 2 Preview: Squad Tactics

If you're used to death-match twitch-shooters, get prepared for a change in play style that'll hit you like a grenade to the face. Sure, your ability to click the fire button seventeen times in four nanoseconds might have come in handy when playing Quake 3 Arena, but in the likes of GRAW 2 it won't mean squat. Like its predecessor, GRAW 2 is all about being part of a team, with a more cautious, thoughtful approach to destroying the enemy. The following suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to squad tactics, but they should keep you alive longer than the first 15 seconds of the round.

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Grown Folks Talk5710d ago

that unless you play only with your friends (sometimes even then), there's always at least 1 player out there that thinks they are rambo. usually it's someone with a high rank (earned by being on winning teams, not due to skill), that runs off by themself, gets killed in the first 2 minutes of the game, and eventually drops out of the server. i can't wait.

The great 15710d ago

To me it has multi platform spilled all over it's cover and that reminds me of EA games, which isin't a good thing, plus it looks like something from a previous gen, however, if it's a glitch free game and when you actually shoot someone they die i may reconsider my verdict on this game; the fact is previous games like this when you shoot someone they don't die, aka rainbot 6, head shot, no kill, oh yea and it happens in many other games, fix the slowness in these games.

Grown Folks Talk5710d ago

that it's multi platform. the only reason the first wasn't is because the ps3 wasn't out yet. as far as your previous gen comment, you obviously haven't actually seen it. graw was the best looking game when it came out, and this one looks better.