Why CrossfireX Isn't as Bad as You Think

CrossfireX has recently launched, and garnered a lot of negative commentary. However, it's actually not all that bad. Here's why!

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Jin_Sakai409d ago

“CrossfireX adds a campaign into the mix, built by renown Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment. However, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re going to talk about the core gameplay mode: online multiplayer.“

There’s no defending this turd. It’s surrounded by negativity for a reason. I couldn’t play the game more than 10 minutes before deleting it. It’s just not fun to play and the controls feel awful.

tbagmonster408d ago

the controls are aweful, movement if floaty at best, menu ui system is broken, thumbsticks dont work in menu, left trigger doesnt work 80% of the time, gunplay is just off completly even after adjusting the limited options available, the campaign feel like a on rails game and the MP on xbox one x was downgraded., looks good on series x/s and hits 120 fps though

alb1899408d ago

I played this game 5 minutes but I will give it another opportunity, it was to little time jajajaja

peppeaccardo408d ago

C'mon it is on Gamepass .. it cannot be that bad ... and is freeeeeee!!!! LOL another xbox exclusive that goes down in flames. So much for MS trying to offer something aside the usual multiplat stuff.

annoyedgamer408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

Kinda sad they botched this game, the trailer looked cool despite ripping off Crysis.

moriarty1889408d ago

No it’s not as bad it’s worse.

SullysCigar408d ago

I've heard some say they gave up on it after a short while, it's THAT bad, they'd seen all they needed to.

It's an unforgivable mess.

ecchiless408d ago

yea is bad... best game from smilegate is lost ark xD

phoenixwing408d ago

Nobody is defending the game it's so bad. Only journalists are trying to spin it.

phoenixwing408d ago

No but usually games have defenders who will try to support the devs. In this case they're practically non-existent which says alot.

InUrFoxHole408d ago

I thought the beta was good. Some of the grips I'm hearing though...

408d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.