Prince of Persia - Prince & Elika Skins

Prince of Persia Showcase of all skins available to unlock in the game. Get All 1001 Seeds to get them All!


If you collect all 1001 lightseeds and finish the game, then prototype skins both for the Prince and Elika become available in Skin Manager section. Finishing the game will also unlock Jade skin for Elika. For other skins you just need to prompt the right code as seen in this video.

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Serjikal_Strike3689d ago

I only need 500 more seeds to unlock.... :-(

panasonic233689d ago

she look like a fvcking hooker

DNAgent3689d ago

She only looks a little bit like your mom.

George Sears3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Weird because I already unlocked all 1001 of the life seeds and I didn't get any extra skins besides the one that I got from my first play through for Elika and the Altair one from

iarerice3689d ago

Same. I collected all 1001 light seeds and didn't get any skins.

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