Where Did the Prince of Persia Series Go Wrong?

As a hardcore fan, I want more Prince of Persia, but there's one key component that I need to see: The series needs to go back to its roots. The setting for Prince of Persia was based on the classic 1,001 Arabian Nights tales.

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Abnor_Mal492d ago

2008, the one on one battles were not the best direction along with the orb collection imo.

The art style was nice, I liked how after defeating your enemy the landscape changed from desolate to vibrant colors.

I wish they would just do a proper remake of the first three games, by which I mean the sands trilogy and not the very first 2D Prince game.

isarai492d ago

They just kept simplifying it more and more to the point where it was insultingly hand holdy and just no fun/challenge to play, so no one played/bought it, so it died.

NecrumOddBoy492d ago

It was consumed by the Assassin's Creed franchise. It didn't do anything wrong. Ubisoft also moved away from short linear titles.

ApocalypseShadow491d ago

This one.

The abandonment of old franchises in favor of milking their new, open world ones like Assassin's Creed.

Companies do do that by trying something new. But these new ones have been beaten to death.

UltraNova491d ago

Plus the fact that a game PoP is hard to monetize so that's why Ubi is sitting on this IP for so long -they are trying to figure out how they can add some kind of online element to it so they can introduce microtransactions/DLC.

491d ago
KyRo491d ago

And this is why as much as I would love to see another Splinter Cell game, I do t want it to come out at the same time because Ubisoft only know how to make one game now with a different setting, era and characters in a open world full of side missions.

-Foxtrot491d ago

Forgotten Sands

It was a horrible, forced in, cash in to go with the movie

I thought the 2008 reboot was flawed but I enjoyed the story and I at least wanted to see the cliff hanger concluded.

jerethdagryphon491d ago

I liked forgotten sands I felt it filled the gap between ww and tsot

-Foxtrot491d ago


Just didn’t have any soul imo

Plus the prince looked so off design wise

RaidenBlack491d ago

Yea, story-wise, it served that purpose.
But gameplay wise it was kinda weak. Not as challenging as the Trilogy.

491d ago
rockwhynot491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

The forgotten sands was a perfect video game. Not too long, not too short. Time freezing those waterfalls to wall jump up them mario style was so fun! Then letting go of time freeze to penetrate the water omg. I'll never forget that feeling. And that special mode at the end of the game where one can use all their special powers to whup up on baddies hahaha the best! The brand new online feature didn't work from what I remember though so I'll never know what that was all about but I don't care I loved that game so much. I think that game was the debut of Uplay and it didn't even work lol but w/e.

The puzzles weren't too hard or too easy. Juts right :)

Nacho_Z491d ago

2D Metroidvania with lavish production values could be a good way to bring it back. Make it tough like the original game.

LucasRuinedChildhood491d ago

Jesus Christ, no. We need a 3D Prince Of Persia with 3D wall running, puzzles and platforming.

RaidenBlack491d ago

A metroidvania PoP with proper production values?
Not bad for a resurrection of the franchise.
Maybe follow that with a gorgeous next-gen Remake of Sands of Time?
And after that a Souls-esque PoP Reboot? ... eh, maybe I am thinking too much.

Nacho_Z491d ago

It seems to be a popular genre but there aren't many big budget ones out there it tends to be indies. Makes sense to me, it was one of the original 2D combat platformers after all.

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