Sony Aims to Expand Presence in VR Market; Won't Speculate on Microsoft's Acquisition of Activision

Sony's chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki was asked to comment on Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, VR, and more.

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Mr_cheese863d ago

Really looking forward to seeing VR continue to progress. Been having some real fun with

Neonridr862d ago

lots of great games, finally got around to finishing Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, awesome game and it's on PSVR too if you don't have PCVR.

ocelot07862d ago

Claimed it via PS+ the other months. Also have it for quest 2. I agree such a good game and really shows off what VR can really do.

Just hope the likes of Saints and Sinners will be compatible for PSVR2.

P_Bomb862d ago

I still have Saints and Sinners on my bucket list. Bought it just before it hit PS+ lol. Will bang it out this year.

Neonridr862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

@ocelot07 - well they are working on a sequel, so no doubt that should be available for PSVR2.

@P_Bomb - ugh, ain't that always the way. I bought it when it first came out, but it was totally worth the price.

ABizzel1862d ago

I think PlayStation VR could be huge for them, but they need to really invest 200% of their effort into it. A VR game here and there isn’t going to cut it.

they need AAA VR games, they need the majority of your gains currently available on the plat for at launch or as soon as possible, they need to create VR experiences (For example, allow sports fans to sit on the sidelines or watch high profile sporting events from the perspective of the referee, give face access two major events like PlayStation experience, Comic-con, EVO and other video game tournaments, Anime conventions, etc…), and allow people to watch currency in VR in an IMAX style format, considering the resolution of the headset should be more than enough to emulate the experience.

They have to go all out with this, and it’s one of the reasons I think they’re choosing to change PS+ to this née hybrid Spartacus. It’s a more consistent form of income each month if they can keep let’s say the Bronze tier of PS+ as it is now, but also add addition Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers with higher monthly cost but also more content toile full BC for Silver, GamePass like benefits for Gold, and full Entertainment (movies, shows, anime, in-game music streaming(via Spotify), and VR Experiences for Platinum.


IGN Instructed & Offered Prizes for Crowd to Cheer During Phil Spencer and Other Live Interviews

During the IGN Live interview with Phil Spencer, the crowd cheered even if the topic was about closures, and its because they were told to.

GaboonViper15h ago

A very "slimey" thing to do right Phil???

Anyhow ive never trusted IGN, corrupt to the core.

Killer2020UK14h ago

And now they own a load of other gaming outlets. Sucks for the consumer

roadkillers13h ago

It's not scummy... how is this any different than any late night talk show for the past 60 years. People are cued when to cheer, partially artificial I am sure. It's also good for IGN, last thing they want is THEIR show to be a dud.

I would definitely do it if I owned IGN, especially getting someone huge like Phil.

S2Killinit13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

I’ve been saying for years that IGN is MS’s mouthpiece.

fr0sty13h ago

@roadkillers... I dunno, maybe because late night talk shows aren't asking people to cheer for hundreds of people losing their jobs?

ravens5212h ago

Late Night Talk Show vs Consumer Showcase/Interview. How are you even putting them in the same category. One is for pure entertainment the other is an interview based on a product.


And how much is MS worth? 3 trllion and Phil the piece of shit saying "the closures are very hard, but needed for sustainable business" Really? Your worth 3 trillion and the closures were no where near necessary. I don't know about you but I want this asshole to just leave and resign. He's just cancer to the industry.

jjb19815h ago

Roadkillers can't wait to have huge Phil. It makes sense.

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porkChop13h ago

It's crazy. Some of the top people at IGN are really great, but the organization as a whole just continually finds itself in controversy.

Lightning7713h ago

It's all for recognition and publicity. Which doesn't work. It was all staged and disingenuous.

Hard to trust anything IGN does especially now they have a monopoly.

VenomUK3h ago

I’ve watched the clip. To be fair, whenever you are hosting an event with an audience it’s standard to hype them up as a reactive audience is better for the energy in the room which translates well for viewers at home. It’s the reason comedians have warm up acts and TV shows too. I don’t think at any point there was an instruction from Microsoft to do that. This narrative is silly.

What I would focus on is this IGN pandering event not being live, in front of a specially selected audience and fanboy presenter Ryan McCaffrey who asked lowball questions and didn’t really follow up the difficult topics with any bite- this was a lack of integrity.

crazyCoconuts13h ago

Hard to trust the integrity of the reviews when they are caught manipulating their audience

-Foxtrot11h ago

Now that IGN owns a lot of sites now it’s hard to trust a fair few

Aloymetal13h ago

And some get triggered when we call on their BS and state the obvious. Anyone with half a brain knows the gaming media is biased as heck. It's been like that since forever and the sad part is they will gladly do it for free, anything to help their preferred and irrelevant brand.

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Jin_Sakai13h ago

Should be laws in place against these form of actions. Same goes for all the fake 5 start reviews for receiving free items. You can’t believe anything you read or hear anymore.

porkChop13h ago

In journalism school they straight up taught us to never take free products, swag, food, etc, even if there are no strings attached. Even if someone doesn't realize it, and no matter how far removed the swag is from what you're covering/reviewing, free stuff does affect how you perceive the company and its products. It tricks you into feeling more positive about things.

Petebloodyonion13h ago

How's this Phil doing?
Was Phil in charge of the 3-day fanfest called IGN Live 2024?


OlderGamer172h ago

Every time i see a comment from Peterbloodyonion i know what coming.. defend MS, Xbox and Phil.. Never i have seen a remark of any kind of negativity, not once...that says enough...

Chevalier10h ago

Personally IGN=IGNore

Can't spell IGNorant without IGN

babadivad9h ago

When they're "professional critics" console war on Twitter, you should know not to take them seriously.

Sonic18816h ago(Edited 6h ago)

I never trusted IGN or fanboy Ryan McCaffrey 😁