All Final Fantasy Protagonists Ranked From Worst to Best

BLG writes: "A game can’t be successful if the leading character isn’t developed and likable. Thankfully Square Enix has produced protagonists that mostly fit that bill – though there are some exceptions. There is much discourse with some leads getting more love than others. Overall, though, Final Fantasy characters, are celebrated. Here’s our ranking of all protagonists from the Final Fantasy series."

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-Foxtrot670d ago

" If you define him solely by these traits though, you’re doing a disservice to his past and the character arc he has over the course of the game "

Which is why when people say shit about Squall I know they probably haven't taken an interest in his character development with the story.

Meti670d ago

Squall fitted perfect in FF 8 as protagonist.

Nerdmaster669d ago (Edited 669d ago )

He did change by the end of the game. But it was too sudden, and too late in the game.

"He is distant because of just how taxing losing his parents and sister was on him as a kid"
Another reason why FFVIII's plot twist sucks. He can remember that, but he doesn't remember a single one of the people he lived with at the orphanage. It seems like GFs choose very carefully which memories they erase...

TrueStoryGuy669d ago

Almost like ... Adults are almost unrecognizable from when they were kids.

-Foxtrot669d ago

Too sudden? You can see him slowly change based on actions and dialogue over the the course of the 4 discs

There’s nothing sudden about it

Hell one of the key parts is in disc 2, where he becomes leader during the Garden battle and gives his speech, it’s only half way through the game there.

gold_drake669d ago

aaah yes and no.

i feel like the romance between him and rinoa kind of happened too sudden.

the english localisation is also not as good as others.

but i agree that he is a good character.

dumahim670d ago

Not even listing Zack is kind of a fail.

343_Guilty_Spark670d ago

Ramza is the greatest FF protagonist of all time. Excellent characterization.

wraith9999670d ago

i like ramza too, best char dev imo but im a zidane simp so there's that too

343_Guilty_Spark670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

I like Zidane and Squall too.

GoodGuy09670d ago

Worst- Lightening with Noctis up next.

H9670d ago

Out of everything you could say about Lightning, you picked "Independent", she is the opposite to that, perhaps the only thing that was interesting about her is how mentally fragile she gets when there isn't a goal blinding her

SDuck669d ago

She can achieve her goals on her own though. Your point is that she's obsessed

H9669d ago

She could never do it on her own, Hope showed her that she was broken, she apologized to Snow because she saw through him how she could be a good sister, she literally seemed Noel and Serah for help in the second game, this is not a criticism btw, a character that learns and develops is better than a cold block (even if the character is boring)

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