This absolute gamer beat Halo Infinite's campaign on Legendary without taking a hit

This YouTuber completed a Halo Infinite campaign challenge run on the hardest difficulty without taking a single hit from an enemy.

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KillBill115d ago

Not technically true. As when they did take a hit they simply killed themselves and restarted from last check point. So many hits... but had to restart checkpoint at each hit.

mudakoshaka114d ago

Thanks for the info! Saved me from wasting time watching this thing.

Juancho51114d ago

You can literally beat 90% of games without taking damage using this strategy. It's really not an achievement at all.

Killer2020UK114d ago

Stick that on your Tinder profile

ToddlerBrain114d ago

No damage except for the literal Hundreds of deaths in his death counter. Smh.

z2g114d ago

Hmmmm that’s not the impression I got from this video. This seems like they finished the game with no hits the same way the mafia pays taxes - technicalities.

KillBill114d ago

Technically the person who posted this was the one incorrect. I think the YouTuber was simply trying to see/prove it was possible. And he did prove it was possible... but he did not actually do so himself. And for sure a lot of glitches to bypass leveling and use weapons not really available in game as used in video was present. (I think he some how was using the Tank shot while not actually in the Tank?)