Evil Dead: The Game is now coming on May 13, 2022

"When we set out to create a brand new game worthy of the Evil Dead franchise, we knew it had to be groovy as hell. In order to deliver the best possible experience, Evil Dead: The Game is now coming on May 13, 2022."

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monkey602111d ago

This comes as no surprise. We know little about the game and it was meant to be releasing within a couple of weeks. It's a welcome delay anyway, February is too busy and an already niche game can't compete against some heavy hitters this month.

Yui_Suzumiya110d ago

The only big releases I know of for February is Powerslave, Tormented Souls and Life is Strange: True Colors.. then over in Japan the Chaos;Child / Chaos;Head NoaH Double Pack.

MrBaskerville110d ago

Is powerslave releasing in february? Holy crap, it is a killer month!

jeromeface111d ago

Considering they were adding voice actors as late as new years this should come as a shock to no one.

sourOG110d ago

I want to be excited about this but I can’t. I’ll buy it but my expectations are very low. And that sucks as a fan. I’m thinking MTX bullshit and typical multiplayer grind with evil dead skins. As a fan I hope I’m wrong, but as a fan I should be hyped so…

I felt the same about the new shaolin wutang game. It sounded like a service game which sucked pretty hard. I don’t remember why though lol. I just remember the feeling you get as a fan when it’s finally here but it’s for a new audience.

plmkoh110d ago

This game disappeared for a while and then suddenly we get a release date lol

Witchcraft110d ago

Ash just forgot the release date and had to cough through it in the announcement.