Gyruss Retro Arcade vs. Gyruss Atari 2600 vs Gyruss Colecovision vs NES Gyruss

We compare our all time favorite arcade game Gyruss. This game has a special place in our heart and it has to do well on retro consoles to get our respect.

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Einhander1971813d ago

For me personally the Arcade, Nes, Coleco. Best versions in that order.


Razer Kishi Ultra Review - Full Size Fun

The friendly folks over at Razer recently sent us their full size Kishi Ultra mobile gaming controller, and this thing didn't disappoint.

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Sony's Stellar Inzone Gaming Earbuds Are On Sale For The First Time

The premium Sony Inzone earbuds are designed for PC and PS5, and they're finally getting a discount after launching in late 2023.

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Babadook71d 13h ago

These seems like one of the best options for use with a PS5, high quality sound and design. However, you will likely need a dongle for use with many of your bluetooth devices such as an iPhone as it requires a LE signal.

Abnor_Mal1d 11h ago

The only purpose I could see me buying them is that they would be more comfortable to wear with PSVR2 compared to their Pulse/Pulse Elite over the head/over the ear cup headphones.

Babadook71d 10h ago

Thats why I want them. Lower weight is a big plus for VR.

purple1011d 9h ago

The use of “stellar” in the title made my dyslexic brain think there was a stellar blade exclusive limited edition or something.



Tomb Raider is coming to Evercade!

The first three Tomb Raider games are coming to an Evercade Cartridge!

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darthv723d ago

Their newer giga cart tech should make for even bigger games coming to the platform. I'm hoping for a Resident Evil collection with the first 3 games.