Report: "MK12" Spotted on NetherRealm Developer's Work Station

While no official announcement has been made, a NetherRealm dev's work station has seemingly leaked "MK12."

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_SilverHawk_116d ago

I cant wait to see this game. Hopefully its on next gen consoles and pc only.

CaptainHenry916116d ago

If it's using Unreal Engine 5, I'm sure it will be

RaidenBlack116d ago

Hope they at least upgrade to Unreal Engine 4 this time.
They are one of the longest user of Unreal Engine 3 till MK11.

ZwVw115d ago

Their next title is rumored to use UE4. NRS uses a heavily modified version of UE3 for most of their releases due to it making it easier for cross platform development. The fact that Injustice 2 and MK11 look as visually stunning as they do running on UE3 is astounding.

RaidenBlack115d ago

Yea ... their heavily modified UE3 build for MK11 looks stunning!
Funny thing ... even Batman Arkham Knight is based off of a heavily modified UE3. Its not UE4.
Sometimes dev modify an engine so much ... it barely resembles the original one.
CoD's engine is the best example here. Started off as idtech III (Quake III)

victorMaje116d ago

Unpopular opinion:
Please go back to how MK2 or UMK3 felt. & bring back test your might. & you don’t need buffed models.

MWH115d ago

an elder gamer! it's always a nice thing to see one around.

Eck0115d ago

MK2 is one of my favorites.. the sounds.. the feeling.. so amazing!

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The story is too old to be commented.