Wanderer Review // WellPlayed

Joshua from WellPlayed writes: "Wanderer does a lot of great things, but is held back primarily by the ageing hardware but also some uneven design choices."

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SullysCigar111d ago

How odd. The VR channels are very complimentary about the graphics, with some saying it's up there with the best on the system.

To be frank, this reads more like a list of reasons the author hates the outdated hardware rather than a review of the game and how it sits alongside stablemates on the platform.

To offer some perspective, Without Parole gave this 9.5/10 - and I don't think there's a more clued up PSVR source out there.

For a well considered multi-VR opinion, check out Shughead Gaming for a proper review from an industry vet.

Neonridr111d ago

Id be interested to read a PC VR review to see if there are any differences. The dated hardware can definitely hamper one's experience though, so it definitely shouldn't be overlooked.