Arcade1Up X-Men 4-Player Arcade Machine Impressions

Arcade1Up X-Men 4-Player Arcade Machine is an excellent looking cabinet that includes three games with fantastic emulation and sound.

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HeliosHex109d ago

This is nice, but I wish it had all the marvel games from cps-1 and 2. Three games is just not enough

ApocalypseShadow108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Loved this game. But it has been surpassed by Openbor with games like these.
Marvel Infinity War. Watch any video like this. So many Marvel characters to play and remakes of other games all packed in.

Download Openbor, download the games from Zvitor br or Game jolt, add a Bluetooth controller and enjoy. Or multiple controllers on PC for multiplayer. You'll thank me later. Even Avengers United Battle Force is great.

Also, Justice League Legacy is also awesome for DC action.