Abandoned's Blue Box Game Studios Hidden Audio Log Found

A Blue Box Game Studios hidden audio log describes AI-generated video games in poorly-translated Japanese, likely another ploy by Studio head Hasan Kahraman to ride the hype of a Kojima conspiracy.

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jBlakeeper491d ago

At this point it’s just funny to check back in. I will not buy this game and have no interest in it now. Why would someone buy his game when he has played off of the hopes of gamers for months now?

CptDville492d ago

The pyramid scam of video games.

Magog492d ago

Not really since they haven't made any money. You're thinking of Star Citizen.

Sgt_Slaughter491d ago

Since this wasn't in a Star Citizen thread, the hardcore defenders weren't able to downvote it and look what happened. Love to see it.

491d ago
gleepot491d ago

this has nothing to do with the concept of a pyramid scam

SullysCigar491d ago

Came here to witness the community meltdown all over again. Don't disappoint me guys and gals!

GhostofHorizon491d ago

They've lost any good will from me at this point. Show me something meaningful or don't show anything at all.

DarXyde491d ago

Honestly, I still think this has Kojima's fingerprints all over it. I think it's Metal Gear. This all feels like an annoying but elaborate way to come out later with "Kept ya waiting, huh?"

Sony's oddly quiet about this. They're oddly quiet in general, but knowing that we know about psvr2 and it's been too long since they've caught us up on anything, it feels like there are some seriously massive reveals coming.

Can't say for sure obviously... But there's too much weird stuff going on, and I still think Blue Box is part of this strangeness we're living through.

Ethereal491d ago

I completely agree. This feels so much like something he would do and while it has gone on too long maybe that's the point; to show how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to peoples responses to all these bait and switch games. I feel like it's a commentary on the state of the industry.

Despite all of that, no one has been able to explain to me why this fake announcement of a real game from a small indie dev with a history of releasing nothing but failures landed a spot on the PS blog. Sony hasn't commented on it, removed the post/video, it has a native PS5 app that they are continuing to update and push notifications to the news feed. If this is all just a scam, it makes entirely no sense that Sony would continue to support it let alone have a MASSIVE PS logo on Bluebox Studios website. I personally think there is a big surprise in store for this whole thing. When we get it is another matter all together, but it's coming.

isarai491d ago

I don't think so, if you do some digging you can see this guy has done similar campaigns before, and those equated to nothing much

porkChop491d ago

Kojima already did the whole fake game and fake studio thing. He's not going to do it again. Especially with how sloppy this whole thing has been. Kojima is meticulous about how he pulls his pranks. Blue Box is a real studio with a track record of announcing and cancelling games. They were formed before MGSV came out. You're telling me Kojima set this up before he left Konami? Before he released Death Stranding? Get your heads out of the clouds. Kojima has nothing to do with this.

Ninver491d ago

Blue box, as in a box snake hides! I'm convinced it's metal gear lol

Dirtnapstor491d ago

Agreed. This Hasan is probably AI and we've all been punked again by Kojima. Wishful thinking.

DarXyde491d ago


My thoughts exactly. It's just too strange to have Sony so on board, only for this to be non-committal vaporware. It's very strange. I'm wondering if there are announcements within announcements at this point. To an extent, Kojima is predictable... And perhaps he didn't like how quickly The Phantom Pain was figured out. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong...but this feels like a massive misdirect.


Isn't that also reason to use this guy? Because people would be inclined to believe he's full of it and Kojima is capitalizing on that, allowing the title to hide in plain sight?


Is it a fake studio though? Perhaps KojiPro are absorbing them? I think we're all very much playing into the feeling of paranoia, which is probably what Kojima wants. Is the theme of this new game connected? The feeling that something is there, but others convince you that you're wrong... Only to realize you were right all along? Something of a Candyman effect?

It's clever, and when you think about it that way, it makes complete sense: it's like MGSV's nuclear disarmament campaign. His trolling has moved beyond the individual into a more societal form. In that case, what would the condition be this time?

I have no earthly clue on any of it... But I do believe Kojima is up to something here.

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leejohnson222491d ago

Yeah I agree with that, I'm all for mystery and surprise and happy to be tricked but there is usually a time limit to these things and this ran out a while back

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