Steamforged Games Have Announced Runescape Board Games

Steamforged Games have officially announced a partnership with Jagex to make officially licensed board games based on Runescape.

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RuneScape "Messed Up" On The Hero Pass And The Company Could Be For Sale Soon

And did you know Jagex is valued at up to $1.25 billion?

Kaii89d ago

ah "rollback" but not remove, always the same strategy with these companies.


RuneScape Adds A Battle Pass And Yep, Players Have Started Review Bombing

You can guess how this is going...

Kaii94d ago

Modern gaming, but dw they'll listen to the community.
Subscription model with a battle pass, gtfo.

isarai94d ago

Stop playing it, review bombing does nothing if they're still making money

Rutaprkl94d ago

People should stop playing it to boycott it, the game isn't even that good so that shouldn't be too hard.


RuneScape Introducing New Battle Pass System, Reaction Is About What You'd Expect

The Hero Pass is more or less what it sounds like.