What is The Definitive Version of 'Banjo-Kazooie'?

Guh-huh? How many releases are there?

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MadLad425d ago

Emulation or on the Series consoles?

MadLad424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

I'd definitely rather play the game at 4k 60fps+ over the original N64 release.

It has a place in my heart, and definitely was a highlight in my childhood gaming, but I'm past the point of nostalgia selling me on blurry resolution and terrible frames per second.

Crows90424d ago

Well yeah but Im not gonna be playing it again so for me that was the highest definitive version. Also because it was during my childhood. It wouldnt be or feel the same at this point so I dont see why I should ruin it.

MadLad424d ago


To each their own.
I'm literally replaying it at the moment on my Series S.
The game still definitely holds up, albeit with the upgrades the more recent consoles brought to it.

JL2930424d ago

Would you? That's an interesting story.

MadLad424d ago


I would.
They actually offer a really good version of it on Xbox Gampass.

4k 60fps.

Still waiting on that whole the FBI thing you threatened me with. Any day now, right?

Fntastic424d ago

TBF even back in 1999 you could emulate SM64 at full speed and at a higher resolution than the N64, all on a CRT screen and could be done with lower end hardware even then, although Corn64 wasn't compatible with many games so it was mostly just SM64 that ran really well on weaker hardware. I think Starfox worked to a certain extent. You needed a more powerful PC to run some of the other emulators well enough.

Did that guy threaten you with the FBI? That's funny since many Twitch streamers and people on YT openly admit using emulators and not even owning the games they play.

MadLad424d ago


Oh yeah.

I'm apparently reported to some nothing branch of the FBI that handles whiney people who report things they don't like on the internet.
That bang on the door should be coming at any moment.

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Profchaos424d ago

As much as I'd like to say original hardware I'd say emulation wins for its more consistent frame rate. The 360 version was ok also I haven't tried the new switch emulator yet however

Knightofelemia423d ago

Depends on the person the gamer who grew up with the N64 version will choose the N64. A person just walking into the series will choose the XBox port. Me personally I like both ports I own both ports Xbox and N64.

curtain_swoosh423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

id say n64, but its easier to access through xbox or gamepass id say.

not to mention emulators.

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