Bright Memory: Infinite DLC Coming Soon

Indie developer FYQD Studio has revealed DLC plans for Bright Memory: Infinite, with new content arriving in time for Lunar New Year.

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masterfox119d ago

great!, Infinite was awesome, damn short but awesome.

TheRealTedCruz118d ago

Definitely one of the most impressive single person released games.

annoyedgamer118d ago

I was reading comments and I had no idea this was a one man show. I hope this guy forms his own studio and starts making games. This is a crazy level of talent.

TheRealTedCruz118d ago


He really is impressive.

I backed the game via the prologue on PC, which gave me access to the full release later.

I actually bought it again recently, on Xbox, just to support the dev and have another version of it on another platform.

He has a lot of talent. Would love to see what he could do heading even a small studio with some real financial backing.