Marvel’s Avengers Backlog Review - Less Painful Than It at First Seems

Jason says, "In essence, I am both right and wrong. It is, indeed, a triple-AAA graphics mobile game, and the wonky, unpolished controls make this readily apparent. But it isn’t all bad. In fact, the switch between heroes is nice because it gives completely different gameplay experiences, and the adventure itself is properly long even if you’re just in it for the campaign. Top that off with excellent graphics that made my GPU’s fans turn up quite a bit and a decent story with a likable main character, and it’s less painful than it at first seems. It may control terribly and have little in the way of mission and level variety, but it’s worth playing if you absolutely need more Avengers in your life."

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CrimsonWing69121d ago

Man, I dunno, like I struggled to beat the campaign due to all the repetition. The game just bored me and after I beat it I shelved it. I can’t even go back to play the DLC.

Amplitude121d ago

yeah dude it was ridiculously repetitive. All the characters played so similar to one another. I got like 5 hours in but just got so bored lol

RetroCaptainSteve121d ago

This game got such a bum rap. It's not bad.

yeahokwhatever121d ago

its not good, either. its just mediocre. i like some weird oddballs that are much worse than this game. *shrug* I feel like some polish in the animations would go a long way.

Sgt_Slaughter121d ago

It got a bad rap because it's a bad game, universally disliked and the sales/player numbers reflect that. They dropped the ball on what should have been a sure fire hit.

ChubbyBlade121d ago

I was bored after a couple hours. Levels are so restrictive and fighting robots is so boring.

yeahokwhatever121d ago

outside of Armored Core, fighting robots is always boring.

staticall121d ago

What about Binary Domain?

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