Here are the games you absolutely need to look out for in February

If your gaming library is growing stale, there are plenty of new games dropping in February that should keep you busy.

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So many games to buy in Feb. My pockets are ready!

gangsta_red125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Dying Light 2 is next month?? EEEEEEEEK.

May have to purchase that since it's reportedly 500 hrs (lol) long, put that on hold, while I get Horizon West from GameFly and speed through that, not to mention spend time on King of Fighters 15 which also releases next month

1st world problems

Crows90125d ago

So you have to purchase a game because it's 500 hrs long? Btw it's not.

gangsta_red125d ago

Yes I do. And it's actually 501 hours long

SullysCigar124d ago

^ They've confirmed the length and Crows90 is right.

That "500 hours" claim was speculation and the developers came out and corrected it due to people getting over excited.

gangsta_red124d ago

Yeah, I know it's not actually 500 hours long hence the (lol) in the original post.

But those guys supported Dying Light from the beginning of the console gen to damn near the end of it. There's no doubt they will do the same for the sequel

CaptainHenry916125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I'm hoping the PC version of Dying Light 2 is optimize well. I was thinking about Pre-ordering the game on Steam because I really enjoyed the first game

Witchcraft125d ago

Never played DL, but I'm looking forward to DL2. And Evil Dead. And Forbidden West on PC.

gangsta_red124d ago

The original DL was extremely fun, especially the co op. DL 2 looks to just add on more to what made the first great.

I also just read Elden Ring is coming out next month and I was definitely looking forward to that more than DL 2 or Horizon, so one of those games I previously mentioned is going to have to get pushed back.

Aloymetal125d ago

HFW already bought the rest for me are meh.

monkey602125d ago

Horizon, Sifu, Elden Ring, Grid Legends, Martha is Dead and potentially Evil Dead.

Unbelievable month

ziggurcat125d ago

Can't wait to play Elden Ring!

GaboonViper125d ago

With Horizon, Elden Ring and Dying Light i am gonna have 100s of hours of gameplay, deary me.

CaptainHenry916125d ago

Already got it pre-ordered. I hope my gpu doesn't overheat because I'm going to put so many hours in this game

GaboonViper125d ago

I forgot about Martha Is Dead, really like the look of that.

monkey602125d ago

It feels like it should have released a long time ago so it'll be nice to finally play it

Father__Merrin125d ago

Playstation wins this month with HZD

Aloymetal125d ago

No doubt about that and incredible month for gamers. GT7 coming next!

Father__Merrin125d ago

No PS5 here but really want GT7

whitbyfox125d ago

Elden Ring will wipe the floor with it.

Aloymetal125d ago

Same reaction I got when I saw that boring gameplay from Hell Blade 2...Elden Ring will wipe the floor with it;)

whitbyfox125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Yep Hellblade 2 has zero chance against Elden Ring.
Not much does.

125d ago
Crows90125d ago

But I thought hard games are niche /s

I'm actually more excited for elden ring than anything else releasing all year.

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Eidolon124d ago

HFW. Will you be playing on PS4? o_O