WWE 2K22 release date, pre-order bonuses, cover star and key features revealed

Neil writes: "Are you ready for the next installment in the WWE 2K franchise? WWE 2K22 is coming and today 2K have confirmed the release date, detailed exactly what the deal is in regards pre-orders, nailed the cover star to the box and delivered a host of info on the feature set."

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nevin1125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

No offense, but I'll stick to Revenge/No Mercy. Too bad my Shut Your Mouth and Here Comes The Pain don't work.

CobraKai125d ago

Undertaker. I wonder if he’s a paid DLC after decades of being free.

roadkillers125d ago

I understand the ‘sports entertainment’ aspect of WWE, but honestly just want a great story mode with choice. WWE No Mercy allowed this when chasing titles. I felt badass hitting three stunners before the finisher timer disappeared. Get some of that rush and adrenaline!

Chocoburger125d ago

Don't trust this scummy company. Take Two will release another piece of trash game. Stop falling for their lies, and stop giving them your money. Go play No Mercy, or Here Comes the Pain instead.