Kingdom Hearts Collections Headed to Switch Next Month

Square Enix announced several of its Kingdom Hearts collections will be available next month on the Nintendo Switch.

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InklingGirl117d ago

Good little collection to take along with you.

Chevalier117d ago

Its a cloud version so I guess it's streaming to play? These were initially redone on PS3 so it's weird they're not on a cartridge

KnobSlobSnob117d ago

How is this a collection, when there are like 15+ other games?!
This series annoys me with the cash grab and cringey story

princejb134117d ago

yup thats why i stop caring for kingdom hearts series. To many platforms with different gameplay styles and the story just got to complicated

Snookies12116d ago

What other games are you talking about? This has every single game in the series. Aside from the shut down mobile game, and the rhythm spinoff.

Granted, this collection is complete garbage since they're cloud versions.

117d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.