Rainbow Six Extraction Review – Gone Spore Huntin’ | Vamers

Vamers says: "Rainbow Six Extraction might share a name with Rainbow Six Siege, but it feels like a wholly different game and it is all the better for it. For all intents and purposes, the game acts as another “game mode” and an extension to Siege, but players most definitely do not need to own or know anything about the latter title to enjoy Extraction. There is something about team-based strategic titles with persisting status effects that simply just… works, and Ubisoft definitely nailed it with this one. Whether players want to shoot tar like aliens in the face, or have some PvE fun in the “Siege-verse”, Rainbow Six Extraction is definitely the game to play. It is, wholeheartedly, a good game, and will only get better as future balancing comes into play; more of those loveable operators from Siege enter the fray; and extra exciting challenges come into circulation".

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