The Out of Place Artifact - A Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Retrospective

VGChartz's Issa Maki: "Even to fans, the thought that a T-rated game could rank as the greatest is virtually unthinkable; how could the best Metal Gear possibly be a handheld title on a system less powerful than a PlayStation 2? Because it had to be – necessity is the mother of invention. Not only is this a full-fledged Metal Gear, the fresh spin on the gameplay draws from several sources outside of its wheelhouse. Peace Walker somehow manages to be less like its predecessor, Portable Ops, and more akin to Metal Gear Solid V. What boggles the mind is that it would be over five years before The Phantom Pain would release, an entire generation later."

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pietro1212616d ago

Such a good game, my second favorite MGS title next to MGS3


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darthv72391d ago

some really good games on that list. some of my favorites (not on the list) are Metal Slug XX, ultimate Ghosts & Goblins, Gradius Collection, Motorstorm Arctic Edge and Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Knushwood Butt391d ago

Metal Slug XX is surprisingly good.

isarai391d ago

I get that The Warriors is technically a PS2 game ported over, but damn it's amazing on the PSP

roadkillers390d ago

Dark Mirror was the best. Multiplayer and single player was fantastic

roadkillers390d ago

I never tried that one. Once the PS3 was out, I was done with PSP… I would love to see a new one

badboyz09390d ago

Few of my favs Off the top. Midnight club 3,GTA Stories liberty/Vice,god of war and locoRoco


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Terry_B920d ago

Bad List since Ridge Racers 2 is missing there.

920d ago
PapaBop920d ago

I'm curious but is it possible to legally play these games without buying a psp?

luckytrouble920d ago

You can play some of them on the Vita via PSN purchasing, but a PSP with a functional UMD drive is the only completely legal way to play games like FF7: Crisis Core.

WeAreLegion920d ago

Some of them, yes. But most PSP games are locked to that system or digitally on Vita. The Vita's second analog stick is amazing for FPS games. I use an emulator to play many PSP games. I know that's illegal, but I wouldn't call it unethical. There's no way to give developers money for these games anymore. Unless you buy their new games. :)

Highly recommend Infected, if you get the chance.

Magic_Spatula919d ago

Emulators aren't illegal. Unethical? Maybe. The issue companies have are how you obtained the games. If you got them through legal matters (such as making your own backups of games you own and not distributing them), they're mostly okay with that. If you got the through less..... ethical means, then yeah, it's a no-no in their eyes.

Fluke_Skywalker919d ago

@Magic_Spatula Like he said, there is no legal way to buy most psp games anymore in a way that gives the developers any money. So yes emulators are normally illegal and unethical, but in this case its actually the only way to play some of these games, if you didn't buy the games many years ago.

Fluke_Skywalker919d ago

Yeah they really need to give us a remake of that for PS4/5 I absolutely loved that game. Still the saddest ending to a video game ever.

SDuck920d ago

The fact this has vanilla Dissidia instead of Duodecim tells me not to take the list serious. Duodecim is obviously the superior since it has the same content (story included) from the first game and (much) more

Magic_Spatula919d ago

Yeah. Duodecim was basically an enhanced version of the original game.