The Witcher III: Wild Hunt's Best Armor and Weapons

Need to know the best armor and weapons for Wild Hunt? This guide should do the trick!

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anast118d ago

I go bear or wolf armour, alchemy build, any grandmaster weapon set works for me.

anast118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Its not optimal, but I think they are the best looking sets and I like to use frenzy along with other potions.

Popsicle118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I use grandmaster feline armor and master crafted weapons with combat/alchemy build. DPS is insane. Only issue is I have to make Geralt where glasses so he doesn’t wear the hood attached to the feline set. Other than the hood, set looks and plays great.

anast118d ago

I might try this one. It sounds like a blast to play.

Popsicle118d ago

@anast it is a ton of fun, but after mutations and very high toxicity tolerance it turns into mostly one hit kills. For some players it can be boring. It is no where near as tanky as your bear grandmaster armor build where attacks just bounce off of you. That set is pretty fun as well.

I have no idea what the wolf set is like. I have all grandmaster sets in the game except for that one. The reason being that the PS4 version was glitched and when I found a piece or the set (I don't remember which) in Kaer Morhen CDPR left a note on the ground acknowledging the glitch and apologizing for it. They replaced the wolf set with some other items. I imagine it is pretty nice though.

Flawlessmic118d ago

Man i just want this ps5/xsx version to come out already!!

Iv been tempted to play it again so many time but im holding off for the next gen version

RetroCaptainSteve118d ago

Isn't it due for sometime in early summer? Maybe sooner?

jeromeface118d ago

early summer is optimistic at this point

philm87117d ago

Due out Q2 2022. No update on that date for a while though.