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PS3Vault: "It seems to be that time of the month again where it's the 'in' thing to say the PS3 is dying, or Sony sucks, or any variation and combination of the two.

For example, there is this article on CNN that says the PS3 is a sinking ship. He has three main points to his argument. Lets go through them shall we?"

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shadowghost7524427d ago

The PS3 hate is so old and uncalled for now it just shows how fanboyish a lot of game journalists actually are, utterly pathetic

Genesis54427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

90% percent of it comes from American websites. They are world renown for their over the top completely blown out of proportion reporting on any news events. If you have read or watched any American journalism you'll will notice it is almost impossible for them to be impartial when anything from their country is involved in the stakes.

ultimolu4427d ago

It's so old that it's starting to crumble.

AAACE54427d ago

I will be picking up a Ps3 in the next couple months and I don't care what anyone is saying about it! I'm finally starting to see more games I want to play coming down the pipe so it's about time to get on board and get more familiar with it.

kevoncox4427d ago

Like I always say the reason for thr ps3 hate is the the fact that the ps3 is not what it should be. It was over promised and underdelivered.
The Ps3 should not be behind the xbox at this time. Where is the 150 milllion fanbase? Japan has abandon sony and no one wants to admit it. 2 million + ps3 sold in japan in 2 years is a failure for Sony. This is entering sony's third year and things are looking worse for the ps3. I have one and I love the build, but I can tell you that there is little to know reason why the machine itself is doing so poorly.

Can we admit that Sony didn't future proof the ps3....they forgot to think about a recession. Videogame systems do not sell well at $500+
They aimed too high.

Cwalat4427d ago

Couldn't agree more with this guy.

This is basically journalists pretending they are Brad Pitt and have the popularity of him.

I would like it if they made a live show, and journalists vs gamers.
Who knows best. I would apply for that show just to beat the living SHÄET out of them, all the GT staff, all the 1UP staff, all the fanboys. Beat them, and then as a final line: "just go home and play your games MÅFÅÅÅS!&q uot;

JoySticksFTW4427d ago

the Playstation brandname has been on top for two generations

And some people like to see a hero fall from grace. Go figure...

JokesOnYou4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

OK just stop the pity party pa-pa-please...its like this; any fool who thinks the ps3 is dead or about to die just because the console or games aren't flying off the shelf is an idiot, therefore you should take any article like that with a grain of salt.

The same thing happens to micro every once in awhile....sales slow a bit and wouldn't you know it articles start popping out of the woodwork about how the 360 will fail because of one random[insert name]guy got RROD for the 10th time, or because next year bluray will take over and 360 games will be obsolete, or micro will abandon 360 tommorrow like they did with the xbox, a lawsuit....blah, blah, blah.

Truth is this type of journalism is rampant within the American media, useless speculation/rumors/or just plain old unjustified bashing people, companys or anything for the sake of ratings/$$$...its not targeted only at sony, micro takes a beating about Windows & 360, it goes in cycles. American media isn't biased they just like to kick ANYBODY in the balls when their down. If you believe they only pick on sony then its just because you have your sony glasses on....there have been countless negative articles about 360/micro, speculating on when it will fail in the past.....the truth is neither console is going to fail this gen, they just won't catch Ninty and in sony's case it will be quite awhile before they can overtake micro's 360....if ever, my guess is 360 will finish 2nd with ps3 close behind and eventually ps3 will surpass 360 sales but only after a year or so after micro's next gen console arrives. Either way the videogame industry has grown alot and there is room for all 3 consoles, so just grow up, you have every right to state why you disagree with negative bs articles but far too often all I see is sony loyalists crying about how unfair the world is....ha ha in the end sony can still make a helluva lot of money in *3rd place, [insert gasp] oh no!, lmfoa.

btw nice pic up there=


fishd4427d ago

----------US NPD----------JPN MEDCRATE----------- TOTALS----
--------PS3--------360------- PS3-------360-------PS3 ---360
Jan - 269,000 ' 230,000 / 213,367 ' 32,064 / 482,367 ' 262,064
Feb - 280,841 ' 255,000 / 68,953 ' 11,534 / 349,794 ' 266,534
Mar - 257,120 ' 262,000 / 65,291 ' 9,265 / 322,411 ' 271,265
Apr - 187,071 ' 188,000 / 37,820 ' 6,760 / 224,891 ' 194,760
May - 208,709 ' 187,000 / 44,611 ' 8,756 / 253,320 ' 195,756
Jun - 405,488 ' 219,000 / 130,050 ' 11,020 / 535,538 ' 230,020
Jul - 224,900 ' 205,000 / 62,963 ' 22,480 / 287,863 ' 227,480
Aug - 185,353 ' 195,000 / 41,661 ' 37,333 / 227,014 ' 232,333
Sep - 232,408 ' 347,000 / 33,255 ' 54,449 / 265,663 ' 401,449
Oct - 190,000 ' 371,000 / 60,312 ' 36,029 / 250,312 ' 407,029
Nov - 378,071 ' 836,000 / 96,059 ' 46,580 / 474,130 ' 882,580
----------------------------- ------------------------------ -
-----2,818,961'3,295,000/ 854,342 276,270 / 3,673,303 3,571,270 <----PS3 is ahead

That's just without europe,Sony's strongest territory,Sonysold 6.3 mil from jan to september wordwide(16.8-10.5=6.3)Accordi ng to media charts and NPD sony sold about 2.9 mil console from jan to september in jap and usa so we can tell that sony sold about 3 mil PS3 in pal territories from jan08 to sep08(9 months)
It took ms about 3 years to sell 7 mil in europe!

Last year 360 outsold PS3 by a 2 mil margin in US but was behind PS3 by a 1.5 mil margin Worldwide,I really doubt Ms be able to outsell Sony by a 2 mil margin in US this year again

40cal4427d ago

Finding any kind of numbers for the PAL region is a pain in the a$$. There are a ton of countries and it seems that they don't track sales. But after like 100 different searches I was able to compile (Shipped Numbers) for the PAL region. Sorry it was the best I could do and it took like an hour.

US NPD Totals (Sales)
Playstation 3= 2,818,961
Xbox 360 = 3,295,000

Japan Medcrate Totals (Sales)
Playstation 3= 854,342
Xbox 360= 276,270

PAL Region (Units Shipped)
Playstation 3= 4,817,431
Xbox 360= 4,463,104

US + Japan Totals
Playstation 3= 3,673,303
Xbox 360= 3,571,270
+ PAL Shipped Units
Playstation 3= 8,490,734
Xbox 360=8,034,374

Difference = 456,360 units in favor of the PS3.
I know that shipped unit don’t necessarily equal sold units but it is all I could find for the PAL Region.

In all of these numbers I did notice that starting around August 2008 the Xbox 360 started to gain large amount of momentum, while the PS3 stayed the on the same track it has been on all year. It seems that with no price cut for the PS3 the 360 is going to own this holiday season, but the PS3 just might hold on to the Year. Only Decembers numbers to go.

xwabbit4427d ago

Lol wow u really don't know anything. Just talking out of ass :P

Pseudo_Clash4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )


prowiew4427d ago many people will see the ps3vault article vs the cnn?. MMM. Who would it be? mmm I dont know. Really, thats the biggest problem and Sony should do something to stop the mainstream media talking trash about their system. But sony is always quiet. Almost every week you see a news citing greenburg or major nelson or someone from microsoft, even if it is something silly. You never hear things from sony side. Sony needs a face. With kutagari and phil harrison gone, they have nobody. They should fire a kaz and trenton. I would, if it was my company.

Bubble Buddy4427d ago

If Little Big Planet isn't a game changer than what game is? Stupid CNN...

cayal4427d ago

look whether the PS3 is 1st or 3rd, fact is that it has seen a growth from last year (per Sony themselves).

'Dying' consoles do not see growth in numbers.

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Mr PS34427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

Well Said !!!

Or you Could Say

The author is a BoT
A Silly Little BoT Just like jenzo and pp and all the other Spotty Nerds that own Xbox's

InMyOpinion4427d ago

"It seems to be that time of the month again where it's the 'in' thing to say the PS3 is dying, or Sony sucks, or any variation and combination of the two."

What are they suppose to say? It's like some of you guys want them to lie and say "The PS3 is doing just awesome!" so you can feel better.

Welcome to PS3 fantasyland where NPD numbers and software sales do not exist. Extreme denial at it's finest.

Gamoc4427d ago

They're sensationalizing. The PS3 is not dying and it's far from dying. I don't want them to lie, they ARE lying.

InMyOpinion4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

Not going to edit my first comment. That's true what you say, 'dying' is not the right word. Sensationalizing as you said. But to say it's doing just great would not be true either.

It's holiday sales in both hardware and software have been much worse than what was expected. I was under the impression that LBP should have sold about 4-5 million copies by now and boost the PS3 hardware sales like crazy.

*On a sidenote* Look everyone! The approval system of N4G is broken! Everything gets through! I urge everyone to start writing sh!tty biased blogs and then posting them here. I'll be happy to approve them for you, just like the non-existant N4G moderators.

Kratos Spartan4427d ago

you were under the impression, you and a handful of people here on n4g, with all those hype articles. N4G is just a small community of gamers, mostly kids with their blind loyalty. The opinions on here do not reflect the opinions of the general public.

InMyOpinion4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

My impression is that lots of people on forums all over the Internet said that LBP would outsell Gears of War 2, not fall behind Fable 2.

Are you saying you were certain that LBP would barely sell 1 million copies in it's first month? I don't think so.

"The opinions on here do not reflect the opinions of the general public."

If they don't, then what does? Sales perhaps? You don't want to go there, do you?

Gue14427d ago

Jezo, I know even though you're always in every PS3 bashing that you aren't a troll because you're always trying to justify your comments with a little bit of logic, something that trolls don't do. In other words you're a fanboy.

Now to my point. I'm with MS the same way you're with Sony but I never go commenting in X360 article because I seriously don't care. I don't care about their console in any way and even if it were to just bash I never enter to any of them because as I just said, I don't care. I find it boring... I don't care about Halo nor about GeoW or any other game that is on that console but I did care about loosing FFXIII but not anymore. Versus look a lot better anyway and I give thanks to GOD because at least I still have something to brag about when arguing against all my xbox fanboys friends... There are Xbox fanboys everywhere but in this website. LOL

Then I put a little of thinking here and try to analyze you. Why this guy doesn't like anything about Sony but always find the time to leave some hate here and a little bit there.

My conclusion? You have to like the PS3 in some way because there's no other explanation....

4427d ago
dukadork4427d ago

it's funny how for xb!tches, it's really not about gaming or fun.
they've hated hated hated and yet, the ps3 is doing just fine: who cares if it sells less than this or that?

if sales numbers are what counts, they shoulda got a wii.
i bet it makes them real maaaaaaad XDDD


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MURKERR4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

so when the opportunity arose he vented not realising his 'facts' are dated and false thus making himself look very silly and proving fanboyism in journalist is very much alive

SONYSLAVE4427d ago (Edited 4427d ago )

with all the ps3 bashing maybe the n4g NEW WORLD ORDER is just about here.

Teh droids keep complaining about negitive sony stuff but yet they support Anti-Microsoft Jealousy

droids are beyond closed minded