Over a year later - is Cyberpunk worth playing?

Cyberpunk 2077 is now totally worth playing. It may have taken over a year to say that, but as of V.131 (on PS5 at least) the game runs fine and was genuinely a treat to play.

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RaidenBlack121d ago

i misread the website's name, " Trytrolling "

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Elda120d ago

I'm waiting for the PS5 upgrade then I'll play.

Nacho_Z120d ago

Same here and even then I'll give them a year or so to polish it.

Hofstaderman120d ago

A polished turd is still a turd.

RCslayer120d ago

The Ps4 game runs a lot better on the Ps5. Plus if you can get it on sale you still get the next (current) gen for free.

Elda120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I got the game for free when it was released back in Dec 2020. Just waiting for the PS5 upgrade patch. To me the game looks terrible on the PS5 with a low resolution of 1296p.

anast120d ago

It still doesn't look that great on the PS5. I would wait for the update. The game will always be an action adventure wrapped in an openworld shell.

Abear21120d ago

This was my experience. If you only play main missions like I did (stopped at start of Act 2 bc of crashes) then you don’t notice the empty window dressing of an open world it is. Great story and fun missions of what I did play though. I guess they learned their lesson gassing themselves bc the silence has been deafening.

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philm87120d ago

Looks decent on PS5 considering it's a PS4 game I think, but may as well wait a couple of months now if you haven't played it yet.

I played the main story, and small bits of the 2nd/3rd stories. Absolutely loved it to be honest. What CDPR do best is storytelling and that shines through if you can ignore the flaws. I think there were a lot of unrealistic expectations. I think the open world is brilliant so I'm not sure what people's issues are. Of course some areas are dead and quiet, like with any city or open world.

Too many people have never played the game and watch stupid toxic Youtube vids. I know plenty of people have played the game and don't like it, fair enough, but a massive amount of people have an outrageously strong opinion that have never touched it.

JohnJ120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I played it on series x when it came out and really enjoyed it. Driving a Porsche, hanging with Keanu Reeves in a Bladerunner esque world shooting and slicing your way through dudes - with a compelling story with meaningful choices… bugs aside I think it was top-notch. Another victim of its own hype train maybe… following the Witcher 3 is no easy task!!

anast120d ago

I have 300 + hrs on the PS4 slim and a few hours to check the pop-in, frame-rate and stuff like that on the PS5. The game doesn't hold up to PS4 standards quite yet on either console. People say it's a PS4 game, but its actually a patched together PC game that will need a reboot. I didn't want to admit this and thought they could fix it for last gen, but they even said it will get better with newer technology. So, they can't fix it for last gen.

The open world feels like a museum. Almost all interactions with the world are heavily scripted save some gang encounters, which are not meaningful enough to feel like there is much of a game outside of the main storyline.

I love this game and I am disappointed by it. I would like to have at least been able to sit a noodle stand or have my character's life outside the main story matter a bit more. Like not being let in a fancy hotel when wearing nothing but some hot-shorts and spikes. I also would have liked to see a bit deeper role-play mechanics and customization, nothing extravagant just things that are offered by other games in the openworld genre. Though I do think customization should have been reasonably deep, it is a Cyberpunk game after all.

At this point Cyberpunk doesn't need the open world that they built, it would have done better and have been a more complete experience in a semi-open world or an on-the-rails action adventure with some replayability woven in there.

philm87120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

@anast if you want to get rejected from a hotel for wearing shorts go out into the real world. You're exactly what's wrong with the criticism of the game. It's a game. There was much less interaction with people in the Witcher 3 yet it's rightfully heralded as one of the best games ever. It was never designed to be a life sim.

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Profchaos120d ago

I'll be waiting for the alleged soft relaunch and I'll give it another chance. I found it a huge disappointment personally it started strong. But the level of polish really dropped off post the opening title.

I really wanted to love it but it kind of sucked I struggled my way through ignored most side quests finished it and never touched it.

Witcher 3 was allegedly bad at launch and now it's an all time great so who knows but I'm not holding my breath.

Guess the main differences are that cdpr inherited a well crafted world in Witcher but in cyberpunk it was mostly their own story

anast120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

With Cyberpunk, they also inherited a well crafted table-top rpg with insanely deep lore and world building. They just didn't execute.

savedsynner120d ago

I remember playing W3 near launch and I think it was fine. There was a cow exploit but overall, a good launch. It needed patches but all games do nowdays.

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