The Anacrusis Gameplay CO-OP 4K - Left 4 Dead in Space

CG writes: The Left 4 Dead type experience from developer Stray Bombay, set within space and with a 60s/70s visual flavour The Anacrusis released recently. It’s a game you can play solo with bots or with other humans. Take a look at our the Anacrusis gameplay in 4K showing off the first episode in CO-OP. The game is available via Xbox Game Pass or PC via Steam as a preview/early access title.

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paulust2002127d ago

Wil there ever be anything close to L4D in it's clever design, atmosphere, attention to detail, iconic monsters and FUN FACTOR, doubt it... Everything else just seems to miss it by a longshot. And don't know why they released the series x version so early as that's a hot mess. At least it runs ok on PC but just found this to be no fun at all. Maybe some younger gamers will like it and it seems this is the target really, with the absence and gore and disney level aliens.

127d ago
redrum06123d ago

Back4Blood is a pretty good alternative to L4D