8 Most Anticipated Games for 2035

With less than two weeks to go into the new year, here are 8 Most Anticipated Games for 2035. This year will be amazing!

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HeliosHex126d ago

Personally I'd like a remastered soft reboot of doom 3. With all the bells and whistles of today's tech. Doom 3 relied heavily on lighting to bring the scares iam sure it would be awesome with HDR ray tracing enhanced unreal or crytek engine.

LordoftheCritics126d ago

No GTAV and Skyrim re-re-mastered?

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PhillyDillyDee126d ago

Gta 8. We probably wont even have gta 6 by then.

Flawlessmic126d ago


Enjoyed reading through this, thank you 👍

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