8 Most Anticipated Games for 2035

With less than two weeks to go into the new year, here are 8 Most Anticipated Games for 2035. This year will be amazing!

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HeliosHex625d ago

Personally I'd like a remastered soft reboot of doom 3. With all the bells and whistles of today's tech. Doom 3 relied heavily on lighting to bring the scares iam sure it would be awesome with HDR ray tracing enhanced unreal or crytek engine.

LordoftheCritics625d ago

No GTAV and Skyrim re-re-mastered?

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PhillyDillyDee625d ago

Gta 8. We probably wont even have gta 6 by then.

Flawlessmic625d ago


Enjoyed reading through this, thank you 👍

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Why PC VR Is Not Dead.....Yet

Why PC VR games are still viable for game developers, and the PS VR2 market is opening up VR development beyond the Quest


10 Companies that can get the FIFA License

While EA confirmed that its football title will lose FIFA Licensing starting next year, there are ten companies that can acquire the license.

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shinoff2183172d ago

First I don't think ms would get the nod, they wouldn't be able to get away with it being exclusives. Second it's to big of a game to just put on gamepass and call it a day. I think Konami , sega or 2k could do it justice.

Knightofelemia172d ago

Konami made or should I say farmed out a soccer game and it was a piece of broken shit.

XbladeTeddy171d ago

Konami making a football game? Just no. They dropped the ball on that one with their poor version.

EA have cemented a name for themselves with football games. Minus the crappy practises the core gameplay is unbeaten.

badboyz09172d ago

2K are the best option they also just purchased The Top Eleven Developer's in 2021.

TheColbertinator172d ago

Even if you get the license, what matters is getting the clubs and leagues that matter to fans. I'd pay good money to anyone who can get every team in the Top 5 Leagues and their stadiums to boot. EA has come close.

XbladeTeddy171d ago

"Even if you get the license, what matters is getting the clubs and leagues that matter to fans"

No, gameplay matters most. EA will do that without a license.

franwex172d ago

They could, but the price is obscene.

172d ago

VR isn't ready for a "must-play" experience

Reggis Fils-Aimé is right about VR needing "must-play" games, but the sector isn't ready to play host to that kind of cultural phenomenon.

What will it take for VR to grow beyond its niche status and become an important commercial pillar of the games industry? It's quite literally a billion dollar question – many billions, in fact.

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Knushwood Butt212d ago

'What will it take for VR to grow'

More people to try it instead of making out they are not interested in it.

I wasn't an early adopter of PSVR and was pretty sceptical about it before I finally made the plunge. Got PSVR2 day one.

1Victor211d ago

Shusssssh 🤫don’t tell them psvr had a FPS multi player vr game

ApocalypseShadow211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Knush hit it right on the head. More people to try it.

Reggie isn't entirely wrong. But he's not entirely right either. Must play games are already here and has led many to buy VR to experience these "must play" games TODAY. That must play game depends on the individual. He's looking for that one game where everyone has to play it. Gaming doesn't work that way. Maybe he's thinking of a Mario VR game. But a Mario style VR game already exists with Astrobot. It just costs a lot for many to buy in to try it. When they did get to try it, they found an amazing game filled with fun and innovation that would match any Mario game made. But the VR industry has a long road ahead. It's not on someone's time line. Not even Reggie's.

That's with anything new on the market. Cars. Cellphones. TVs. Etc. None of these things were a breakout hit overnight. People riding horses probably thought cars were a novelty. Niche. Now, cars have replaced horses. Millions are used daily. Did it take a particular horse to ride for everyone to see that cars were great to get around in? No. It was only cost and availability for everyone to try it and find their own use for it.

Cellphones were expensive at one time. A brick in your hand. Once they became cheaper, built with more practical uses, cellphones were in billions of hands. TVs were for only a few consumers. Once it was affordable for everyone to enjoy, billions bought a TV and regularly use it daily.

Consoles didn't arrive to where they are overnight. It took decades. Not everyone had a game console on my street. Just a few of us. Others had to come over to try it. Same with computers. Same damn thing. Cost and availability to try them. Now, millions upon millions use them daily.

Just because Reggie speaks doesn't mean he's right on things. Yeah. Maybe it would take console manufacturers to switch over to a product that has VR built in day one that's affordable that still plays flat games. That day isn't here yet because it would be expensive to buy and try it. But that day of affordability is coming. If Nintendo built a Switch 2 that has built in VR, the days of VR being accepted would shorten from decades to one decade or less. Same if Apple or Google built a phone with VR built in day one. Then, all the developers would have to fall in line and build VR content. VR today is on a natural growth path. It's not leaving anytime soon or dying off like 3D TV.

Raider and Einhander made great points along these lines.

Fiddlerblue211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

People might not be interested in VR for a variety of different reasons.

It might make them motion sick (it does for me), they might not like the idea of strapping a big device to their head that pretty much completely locks them out of the real world, etc.

But the biggest reason is price vs the amount of quality software. You buy a game console on the promise and trust that quality games that you enjoy are going to come to it. This is a trust built of decades of past experience between the consumers and the brand/platform. That trust and past experience vs the asking price will pretty much determine if a consumer will purchase a piece of hardware or not. VR just doesn't have that trust built up yet and the asking price is still high but these things take time. There's no "magic bullet" game that will make everyone go out and buy a headset unless there's already a sizable library of other top-notch games available that they think they will also enjoy.

There's also the distinct possibility that VR tech as it is right now is just destined to be niche and will remain so until some era when VR eyeglasses with touch activated smart glass or or something crazy like that are a possibility. The market will determine it.

SirBruce211d ago

Well... good quality VR has been very expensive for years. To play Half-Life: Alyx in good shape you needed a high end PC and HQ VR set connected to it. But, now, with Quest 2 or Pico 4 and a wireless connection to a sub 1.000$ PC you can experience the game full quality and maintaining 72/90 fps. If laptops and small format PCs continue improving at the rate AMD is going and VR wireless kits maintain their prices with better and better quality, this only can improve and go wider. Remember that consoles from this generation, PS5 and Xbox Series X are at the 500+ dollars level... 3 years after launch. Prices are not really mainstream for gaming these days and PC continues to be an unfriendly platform for many. What PlayStation is doing is one more step in the right direction, before Facebook, Apple and Valve (does Steam Deck sounds familiar?) jump some steps at once.

H9211d ago

The vast majority of people have better things to do than buy a expansive product to try something that they don't find interest in already, the job of marketing is to make it appealing to you so you make the decision without needing to be 100% sure about it and most of the times, it's that big game that pushes peoe for such decisions, buying something to see if it will be interesting or not is absurd 99% of the times

S2Killinit211d ago

I’ve already found 3 games like that just in the launch window of PSVR2.

H9210d ago

@S2Killinit power to you, most people can't say the same

Knushwood Butt210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

How can you not have interest in something you've never tried?

Do you live your life without trying anything new?

I tried a new restaurant for lunch the other day. It was somewhat hit and miss, but at least now I know, and can use that experience to make a judgement on whether I want to give it another shot or not.

H9210d ago

@Knushwoodbutt sorry it's a bit hard to understand your point since each of us Haven't tried most things out there, does that mean you are interested about everything there is in the world and never see something you haven't tried and think I don't like this sort of stuff? When i look at something i get an idea whether or not it may be to my liking, surprises exist but in if you know yourself you can be correct a lot of the times, and most importantly like I said, nobody in the whole world have time and money to do what you are saying, you are telling me to try VR to see if I am interested or not, when I say I am not interested in horizon they tell me to play it to see, FF VII Remake 2, basically every fandom of every game, and that's just gaming, go to every activity there is, I think you can see that your method of thinking is impossible, you yourself must have ignored tons of things for no reason other than not being interested or else you will not have time to even play VR

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kingnick211d ago

Sorry I have no interest in VR. I prefer most genres with a traditional controller and some genres with KB&M.

Many people simply don't have the money for VR and the money they do have they'd rather spend on traditional games. Other people are not obligated to follow and validate your choices.

TheEroica211d ago

No thanks. I'll game the way I choose.

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bunt-custardly212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

The onus is on the developers themselves. Take PC VR, did you guys know there is a chap called LukeRoss who does flatscreen to VR conversions using a gamepad not motion controls. Yeh, some circles might scoff and say gamepad is not proper VR, but many others would disagree. Giving some examples you can play Elden Ring in VR, Cyberpunk 2077 even Spider-Man. These are all AAA titles that the developers decided not to invest in VR for whatever reason. Yet a single person has managed to do it.

Total madness and the reason we see these sorts of articles.

I'll tell you what guys. If they port Half-Life: Alyx to PSvR 2 then you will see a paradigm shift in attitude towards VR.

crazyCoconuts212d ago

Alyx is good, but it's still just one game. Even with the custom level creation (which is great) I wouldn't say it's going to transform the industry. It certainly didn't for PCVR.
I don't know what it will take to become mainstream. I'm pretty sure it will just don't know when and how. I think it would help if it was integrated into some of the hot flat screen social games like official Minecraft, Fortnite, Apex, COD? Dunno if you could effectively cross play VR and flat in those games but it would help imo