Marvel's Avengers Next Update Out Next Week Says Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics is already preparing the Marvel's Avengers next update which is due sometime next week per the studio.

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just_looken133d ago

The thousand or so users are going to like this

Germaximus132d ago

I'd be excited if a thousand people were playing a game I made.

IanTH132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Probably a little less excited if it cost you $100 million+ dollars to make, though. :-p

gamer7804132d ago

They need to make it have crossplay if it even wants to have a chance at a modicum of success

pietro1212132d ago

Crossplay won’t even save that turd of a game.

Maywell132d ago

You mean the 450 players playing right now? >.<

just_looken130d ago

Add some more for console and square app purchase players

anast133d ago

Not very many people wanted a live service Avengers game and it shows.

NerdBurglars133d ago

Having spent some time playing it, I can see why people's minds weren't changed. Fairly boring grind fest. Should have looked at spiderman and then guardians of the Galaxy to see how to make use of the IP

jukins132d ago

Guardians is carried purely by story and dialog. The gameplay and action are kinda average at best.

jukins132d ago

Thats not true many ppl wanted it just wanted it to be better than it was/is. It sold very well first couple months. I still play but i will say its been rough and some things havent been fixed bug wise and every patch seems to introduce new ones.

Magog133d ago

Please just stop and reboot Tomb Raider again or something. Something, anything but more of this. 😐

SurgicalMenace133d ago

For those who enjoy it, this is probably good information. Game's decent enough; it's not any worse than Destiny or Anthem.

MetroidFREAK21132d ago

If only this was a single player offline game. I'd be all about it

CobraKai132d ago

I’m still hesitant to play the game’s single player campaign. I’m just not motivated enough to play as Kamala Kahn.

MetroidFREAK21132d ago

I will not play a single player game that requires a constant internet connection

BlackOni132d ago

You'd be surprised. I'd say the campaign is one of the more interesting super hero ones. Not that it's reinventing the way we look at em, but it's got some substance to it. Sadly, it's just taking really long to delve big into what they could touch on.

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