Starfield Collector's Edition Item Might Be A Cool Smartwatch According To These Documents

Immersed Gamer writes: "User SquiddyVonn of r/Starfield found an interesting manual online. Said manual is for an unannounced Starfield-themed smartwatch, which could possibly be an item from the games collector’s edition.

The draft instruction manual calls it THE WAND COMPANY LPV6 Chronomark Smartwatch. The Wand Company is known for creating prop replicas from media such as movies or video games. From Poké Balls to the officially licensed Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI construction kit. The company has done it all."

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My_Name_is_Earl125d ago

If the last Collector's Edition from Bethesda is anything to go on by, the smart watch will turn into one of those claw machine watches by launch! 🤣

Mazgamer125d ago

Or the classic - full of deadly mold

thorstein125d ago

That high of quality? I doubt it. 🤣

Aloymetal125d ago

16 times the det.....The time!

Mazgamer125d ago

4 times the size... Battery size!

ToddlerBrain125d ago

The watch is going to be this game’s Pip-Boy.