Squadron 42 is Still Another 1-2 Years Away, Developer Says

Cloud Imperium Games 'COO Carl Jones recently said that the company’s boss Chris Roberts is still overseeing the development of Squadron 42, which he admits could still take another year or two to finish (which means we probably aren’t going to see any gameplay anytime soon either)

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got_dam14d ago

That sounds like a pretty generous estimate.

Eonjay14d ago

That's 10 years of development hell. With the amount of money and time that has gone into this project they could have hired a team of hundreds. Only the government and maybe James Cameron could throw so much money into a project for this amount of time and still not finish it.

Si-Fly14d ago

They do have a team of hundreds, 700 as of November last year!

Eonjay14d ago

Um oh wow. That is unbelievable.

Si-Fly14d ago

Yeah it’s ridiculous 😂

Angelin14d ago

Welcome to development world. A small team can finish a project in one year. A big team can finish in two… 😂

Azurite14d ago

Also; they aim for 1000+ employees within a few years.

anast14d ago

They need at least a 1000 or more devs for a project like this.

Godmars29014d ago

What's the team size on Elite Dangerous. How long did it take for them to not only put out a working game, but then make improvements that effectively make it a new one?

thorstein13d ago

Don't worry. They have a 5 year plan! Considering release will be in 2014, that means everything will be set by 2019!

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LordoftheCritics14d ago

Squadron 42 roadmap is Still Another 1-2 Years Away.


VenomUK14d ago

Quick, donate some money so it can be finished quicker.

PrinceOfAnger14d ago

If it is a scam why did sony send them a dev kit ?

"Sony chased us down to give us some dev kits to play with but we've been very clear on what it would take to get Star Citizen onto PS4."

Destiny108013d ago

maybe sony can send them a dev kit for the PS6

ecchiless13d ago

did they send ps5 dev kits?

PCgamer9814d ago

But zyloh said he already played through the whole squadron 42 years ago. Lol!

SimpleSlave14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

1-2 or 3-4 years, who's to say? What's the different anyways if it was actually more like 5-6 years? Am I right fellas? So, just to be clear, it'll be more like 7-8 years away. Just so you guys don't get lost and can follow the process closely let me write you a Roadmap...


Hofstaderman14d ago

Shouldn't authorities be investigating them? Surely it's against the law to accept huge sums of money and not produce a complete product?

Tacoboto14d ago

They put out progress updates for Star Citizen and no one is forced to pay into it. Supporting something with no release date isn't illegal, just stupid.

JackBNimble14d ago

But they are producing a product and they are also employing 700 people.

It will be done when it's done.

maelstromb13d ago

Wrong. As long as fools exist, the charade will continue. And those same fools are the first ppl on the scene when it comes to defending CI's blatant abuse of its community and backers.

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