Attack on Titan arrives in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific’s first 2022 update

The 10-item Levi Edition Bundle features stylish blades, an SMG, assault rifle, and more.

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H9129d ago

Uhhhhh who is responsible for this, coming from a longtime Attack on Titan fan

CrimsonWing69129d ago

I love the part in Attack on Titan when Levi uses an SMG, Assault rifle, and more to take out titans.

Levii_92129d ago

Oh man .. why didn’t they just use the original manga/anime character designs and made it into 3d. That would have been much better.

CrimsonWing69129d ago

Yea and I’m fairly certain Levi isn’t Asian.

Deathdeliverer129d ago

Looks sick to me. Makes sense they don’t have him running around with a 2D face. They had to bring him to a realistic look. It’s also anime. Despite the many looks of the characters the ONLY ones that are white people are the ones with blonde hair and blue eyes (that specific combo) 95% of the time. Any other hair and eye combination and it’s Japanese person.