Call of Duty – A Commitment to Our Community

You might want to reconsider getting toxic over Call of Duty's multiplayer.

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Knushwood Butt385d ago

' it should never get to the point where the parties start passing derogatory remarks to one another, which was happening quite a lot in the Call of Duty over the last few years.'.

Which has been happening quite a lot since the internet was invented.

Jin_Sakai385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Good to hear!

“Activision has an anti-toxicity team responsible for overlooking such activities, and it's even forced over 300,000 players to rename their usernames since the team launched its automated filtering system. Activision has added 14 languages to detect offensive content, such as in-game text-baed chats and usernames.”

“Continuing its efforts to create online gaming a safer place for everyone, Call of Duty issued a new unified Code of Conduct with three main values:”

• Treat Everyone With Respect
• Compete With Integrity
• Stay Vigilant

“The new Code of Conduct will be presented in-game, starting with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and players will need to acknowledge it in-game to continue playing.”

anast383d ago

Activision and CoD have been polluting the gaming environment for generations. They built their own space of toxicity with the complete disregard of their community and now they are seeing the representation of themselves. You can't make up this kind of stupidity, it has to play out in real-time.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II ranked play arrives in 2023, says goodbye to older COD titles

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II ranked play arrives in 2023. Meanwhile, ranked play gets retired in two older COD games.

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Welshy334d ago

I'd only thumb this up if it meant SBMM was being entirely removed from unranked. Otherwise the only difference between ranked and unranked is the visibility of where the game deems your skill level.

gamer9334d ago

Exactly, we're already playing ranked play in quickplay, cod has zero clue what they're doing on quickplay vs ranked. All they need to do is copy other popular games but they can't figure it out

REDGUM334d ago

Don't laugh but I don't understand as I'm a casual gamer but what's the difference between the MW2 multiplayer that I'm playing online now compared to this ranked play etc? What is ranked play. I thought I was playing with a rank that increases at certain point stages.

TheEnigma313334d ago

Ranked means they will match you with similar skilled players. Like a level 50 will match with level 55 and a level 10 will match with a level 5ish.

Welshy334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

It's not account level that will be matched, but skill level via some MMR/ELO system. There are level 2 smurfs out there who will stomp lvl 55's.

I'm not entirely sure on how they'll grade it, whether it will be bronze/silver/gold etc like Rocket League or an ELO number like Siege. I suppose functionally it's the same thing so it doesn't matter.

gamer9334d ago

Is it going to be crap like all their previous ranked play? Timed events that place you in a ladder and you move up and down in that ladder? Just give us a normal ranked play like every other comp game please, let us move up and down between the ranks based on ELO, for the whole season


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