Best Platformer of 2021

VGChartz's Christian Evans: "Ever since Nintendo released Donkey Kong all the way back in 1981, the 2D, and later 3D, platform game has oft been the staple genre of choice for tentpole releases, while also birthing many major gaming mascots along the way. No longer just about hitting your jump point, the platformer fosters all kinds of weird and wonderful mechanics & styles, always seeming to cultivate creativity in design, and pushing the boundaries of what has come before. 2021 was no different, and was indeed a very good year for platformers of all types."

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Orchard134d ago

Good choice, PN2 was clearly the best platformer of last year. It Takes Two is a close second though, the fact that it has couch coop is awesome.

Vits133d ago

Yeah, have to agree with you here. It Takes Two had so much heart put into it. The couch coop was great, the characters charming but the platforming itself was a tad on the simpler side. But, Psychonauts 2 was just fantastic, from the visuals to the gameplay. It's one of those rare cases where I felt that they improved on pretty much everything over the original title.

TheRealTedCruz133d ago

Psychonauts is definitely mine, but all of the obvious ones pretty much stand toe to toe in quality.

I've played better 2d platformers than Cyber Shadow over the last couple of years, and didn't feel the need to get too far into it.

Elda133d ago

Ratchet & Clank:Rift Apart is the clear winner for me.

-Hermit-133d ago

Personally, I thought it was one of the weaker R&C games. Graphically the best it's ever been, but weaker in almost every other area. It doesn't come close to being as fun as the early games.