ELEX II - Combat Trailer

Invaders arrived. Started taking over the world, transforming it.

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slowgamer129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

It's still hard to tell how much improved combat was because all of the movie trailer like effects and cameras. Looked cool though.

lelo2play129d ago

Combat in ELEX was bad... hope they changed it for better.

phoenixwing129d ago

The combat still looks janky a little. The fact they hid it with camera work proves it to me at least. I'm still buying it regardless though.

metalgod88129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

They can only go up from where they started, right? It still looks a little off, but at the same time, looks like a lot of fun.

LordoftheCritics129d ago

Back to the drawing board. This still looks janky.

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