Resident Evil 3 Remake Thicc Jill Mod Gameplay is something to behold in 8K

CG writes: We shall ignore the rather unfortunate (for surviving a zombie outbreak) outfit Resident Evil 3 Remake Jill is wearing, and focus on the fact that this particular heroine doesn’t sit in the narrow profiles expected of such a formidable character. Perhaps, she didn’t have time to get dressed into more suitable attire. That said, we all know that a certain Nemesis breaks into her apartment (through the wall) and chases her out of the burning building. Thanks to PC mods then, the stereotypical original shape of Jill has transformed into something more grounded.

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Knightofelemia130d ago

Looks good but I am also grossed out she should be on My 600lbs Life

XbladeTeddy130d ago

You afraid of a women who has curves?

Knightofelemia129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

No I just don't like women who would need a horse trailer and an F-550 to tow their ass. If a woman want to be the size of a Clydesdale horse and tow the Budweiser wagon let her. I just won't be looking after something that big.

PurpHerbison129d ago

Just let him be. A lot of men don't have the ability to distinguish the difference between thicc and fat.

Kakashi Hatake129d ago

So many down votes. Why are they so passionate to down what they don't like? Why not just gawk at all the other body types they like?

drizzom129d ago

Only when the curves themselves have curves.

specialguest129d ago

She's thick in all the right places. I need it to jiggle when hittin it from the...

FinalFantasyFanatic129d ago

When you have a little bit of fat, but your not medically classified as fat or obese (XbladeTeddy has the right idea), personally I'd highly prefer skinny or fit, but I'll accept puppy fat too.

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metalhead130d ago ShowReplies(9)
Kakashi Hatake129d ago

Just let guys that like this make comments then. No one is crapping on the thinner figures you like so much. Why waste your time?

KingofBandits129d ago

they made her look how a 6 week old hoagie left out in the summer would smell.

W34KN35S129d ago

These conversations are always annoying , people act like in order to be deemed curvy or thick ,one HAS to have a belly or be obese if basing it off of appearance.

It shouldnt be that hard to simply agree that there are different versions or varieties of what being thick or curvy entails. If you go to google type in thick or curvy you WILL see plenty of women who are curvy and thick YET still have a slim waist.

This mod is more so on the heavier side and I would argue she is more thick than curvy , some will like it , some wont but its frustrating to see people talk like that it the only version of thick/curvy when we clearly have examples of it being otherwise.

Most men like curves , just not on the stomach.

Most would consider Lady Dimitrescu as being thick or curvy as well but she is also slim and has a slim waist.

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nyckrazy130d ago

Wait till you find out that Women with body shape like this actually exist in the real world....

Magog130d ago

9 times video game mods went too far

darthv72129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

I dont know... thicc Mai looks pretty hawt

Terry_B129d ago


FinalFantasyFanatic129d ago

This is definitely an American thing, who the hell is making mods like this (is there even a high demand for this)?

annoyedgamer129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Dudes with fat wives/gfs and are coping (obesity is an epidemic in the US/UK). Though I doubt there a serious demand for it.

KingofBandits129d ago

weak unwanted broken men who no woman would want thats who. They simp and cry and shout "slay queen" but they're alone. They will remain alone while they continue to pay for feet pics, bath water and farts in a jar, all while their cat takes a dump on the comic character statue it just knocked over.

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