FEAR Needs to Make a Comeback

With 2022 upon us, let's reminisce on FEAR. Missing in action for a decade, modern hardware enables the perfect opportunity to bring it back.

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RaidenBlack513d ago

YESS! Please!
But since Monolith is busy with Wonder Woman now ... Trepang is the next best thing we're gonna get.

Orchard513d ago

100% YES. A FEAR remake would also be awesome, if done by the right team.

LordoftheCritics513d ago

I want a terrifying remake with full VR support.

isarai513d ago

Seriously, but trepeng2 is a damn good spiritual successor

Muigi513d ago

Right its a travesty we haven’t gotten at least a remaster for 1&2.

MadLad513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

Only the original game was actually good. When I say good, I mean fantastic.

And now WB has Monolith only working on licensed properties, so.
Machine Games might be a good person to license the IP to, but they're owned by MS now.

I would kill for another Condemned game (more in the vein of the original) but, again, it's not Lord of the Rings or the DC universe.

pietro1212513d ago

I’d love another Condemned game, it was such a interesting IP and creepy as hell

Profchaos513d ago

Condemned was so good both 1 and 2. Shame they left it on a cliffhanger

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