PSVR2 Specs Comparison to Other VR Headsets

Here's a handy PSVR2 specs comparison to the other virtual reality headsets out in the market! Tracking, lenses and more discussed.

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Jin_Sakai139d ago

PSVR2 specs are looking great!

excaliburps138d ago

Indeed. I just hope it's easy to set up and there's a ton of games for it. Excited to own one later this year since I sold my PSVR, which I later regretted.

Magog138d ago

Inside out tracking and one wire. Setting it up will be as easy as a single plug. Given the great support for PSVR1 its guaranteed that PSVR2 will as well. Porting a game to it will be much easier than the original.

gravedigger138d ago


Is a wired a problem for Valve Index?

fr0sty138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I'm not sure if the announced PSVR2 Sense controllers do individual finger tracking, but I do know Sony released a video showcasing they had the tech working in their labs not long ago (link below), so perhaps when PS5 Pro Drops, we'll get updated PSVR2 Sense controllers as well, if finger tracking isn't already present in the PSVR2 Sense controllers at launch.

generic-user-name137d ago


Finger tracking via touch capacitors has been confirmed.

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SirBruce138d ago

Yes, they look great for 2022.

Eonjay137d ago

I think the most obvious of PSVR2 advantages is being overlooked. That's the fact the machine will be powered by the PS5. The PS5 will maximize the potential of the headset. The PS5 was made with VR in mind and at 400$ for a PS5 it's still the cheapest way to get a high-end VR experience.

SullysCigar138d ago

The specs look great, I'm just hoping it stays comfortable, as we'll likely be seeing much more meaty games on a regular basis.

PSVR is still comfortable compared to other headsets, so I'm cautiously optimistic, but I want to know for sure.

Nitrowolf2138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Yea OG PSVR was really comfortable
I just hope they figured something out to help lower the amount of glass fog. I know that’s VR issue in general, but would be cool if they had a solution to keeping it cool under there

fr0sty137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I wonder if those hydrophobic coatings would work... it makes water bead up and roll right off of anything you coat it with. Might prevent fog too for the same reason.

XbladeTeddy138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

How much are we going to be expected to pay for those specs though? These specs won't come cheap.

XbladeTeddy138d ago

For an OLED display on a VR headset that seems too cheap. Unless they make the OLED a premium model and do a cheaper version.

XbladeTeddy138d ago

@IRetrouk: Never knew that, maybe it won't push the price up then. I assumed OLED anything was going to be expense especially in VR headsets.

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CaptainHenry916138d ago

It'll be interesting to see how the new Quest 3 specs compare to the PSVR 2 when it releases. They might even try to copy some of Sony VR2 specs.

SullysCigar138d ago

Here's hoping they also finally copy PSVR one's comfort factor.

My quest 2 goes quickly from awkward, to uncomfortable, to painful. I couldn't believe they got it so wrong on attempt 2 and that's the main thing I'll need changed if I'm even to consider quest 3.

XbladeTeddy138d ago

Really? The Quest 2 isn't that bad on comfort, saying it's painful is like completely over the top lol. There's plenty of third party stuff you can buy which makes it more comfortable.

Petebloodyonion137d ago

I agree, the comfort level on the PSVR is incredible versus the Quest 2.
Even with a Elite Strap I prefer the comfort of PSVR.

SirBruce138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

If Apple M1 is a clue... and we forget Google Pixel 6 chips... Yes, 2023 Quest 3 could change everything for AR, VR and gamers included. Notice that next year we will have Apple M3 in laptops and tablets. Autonomy, GPU and CPU will not be an excuse for standalone headsets in one year.

Babadook7137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Down voters... "How dare ye come in here talking bout an Apple product, who do ye think ye ar!"

Rimeskeem138d ago

The OLED with HDR is gonna be a something else.

XbladeTeddy138d ago

Yeah, that alone has got me excited. Playing a dark game on the Quest 2 is crap as everything looks washed out. Blair Witch being an example.

shadowT138d ago

PSVR 2 specs are very, very good.

GamingSinceForever138d ago

The eye tracking for resolution in the PSVR2 sounds dope.

Anomander137d ago

This could be good, but if you got twitchy eyes it can be bad as well.

Rhythmattic137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Anomander,... Im sure they never thought of that , or making games not available if they hit res below 60fps with PSVR 1.. etc..
Remember, Sony research aint just gaming... Look at Pro Audio, Pro Video/Broadcast.... Think about it...
Its one company that knows what innovation in display tech can do, and will do, so does do...
Haven't Seen a FB SLR or broadcast camera... Nor a MS image processor that competes in the Pro broadcast market... Etc...

End of Line..............

Anomander135d ago

@Rhythmattic Sony doesn't know all with their tech. I'll give them credit on Playstation, but on TV's they can be hit and miss. Their KDS55A2000 was highly rated until they started having the Light bulbs blowing way prematurely. I went through two of those sets before they finally just sent me a totally different set (A smaller one at that). That was the last Sony TV I ever owned.

generic-user-name137d ago

It's the secret killer feature, secret because if it works well you won't really notice it working other than being impressed by the visuals on display. (By 'you' I mean the average Joe).

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